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April 3, 2017

Just Did

Monday. Lights out at a decent hour to awaken then at quarter to six, taking my time shaving in bed with the electric razor before getting up to head out for breakfast. Getting lighter in the mornings now with the earth farther past the equinox. Which is good. Don't like walking when it's very dark with the camera(s). Don't like walking in the dark without the cameras.

Had the plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries, fruit cup and coffee this time. For some reason I'm up a couple of pounds and don't want to go any higher. Not really a battle here, just need to keep an eye on it. Took a picture of one of the new flowers they have growing outside on the café patio. Looks like they've pulled out all the pandorea vines, as the one vine I've been tracking may well be something else. At least whatever it is, it hasn't flowered.

Is that important?

No. But if I lived in a place with an area you could plant vines, I'd have them planted.

Back to the apartment to wrestle with yesterday's entry. I hadn't processed all that many marathon pictures yesterday and hadn't done any of the race itself. A good day yesterday, made progress, but not enough. Still a good sign: so busy you can't get everything done, as opposed to too lazy or too blitzed to get anything done. I think.

Later. Nice day, thought about going out, but then sat down and finished the Saint Stupid's Day photographs and posted them to artandlife. I need to think more about them. Where might I have done better? The list is long. Then again, the day is nice, maybe better to go outside for a walk, leave any thinking for later.

Later still. A walk to the burger drive-in to pick up a grilled cheese sandwich to then take it to the lake to sit and eat it while sitting on a bench in the sun. Seemed right, although it talked back to me for about an hour in the stomach. A first for the grilled cheese.

Returned home and started on marathon pictures. For feeling clear headed and up, I seem to have settled for attaching myself to the computer. Be interesting to see how much I get done.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now!, a good part of it, anyway. Retired to the bedroom and managed to get Netflix up and working on the tablet. Still slow. Facebook kicks me out. Same with the news sites. Internet slow, too slow. Back to catch some of the Leon Panetta discussion with Carly Fiorina and Robert Reich, switching to Endeavour on PBS when it started and at the same time switching between all of them to the Gonzaga, North Carolina championship game. I've never warmed much to basketball, but a damned good game, Carolina taking it at the end.

Switched to Charlie Rose to finish the evening. Not particularly tired, reasonable clear headed, in so far as I can tell anymore, and so a good day, I'd say. As I just did.

The photo up top was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade yesterday in San Francisco with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.