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Here In Oakland

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April 4, 2017


Tuesday. Lights out early enough, but awakening briefly two or three times during the night (had I really drunk all that much liquid?) and then get up at six on the mark, Democracy Now! having just started. So a good start to the day ahead. I'm guessing.

It was light outside by the time I set out around six-thirty, the temperature good (I've not been wearing a sweater under the winter coat now for these last several days), to have the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. They were out of sourdough, so had rye toast instead. Tasted good. Why this hangup on sourdough bread?

Just another one of your caught in a rut habits.

Maybe, but I suspect it's one of those habits that have nothing to do with age.

Took two uninspired pictures walking home to then sit down, edit and post yesterday's entry. Caught some odd memory lapses in going through the pages. There's a standard, almost never deviated from path, taken in updating one entry to the next and I found I'd inexplicably left gaps in that path yesterday during their preparation. How'd I managed that? Surprised more than anything, not sure it means anything, just a different kind of error to add to the others.

Are we worried?

We are just observing. The attitude's good today, no need to look overly hard for problems. Maybe it's the weather.

Later. A very brief walk over to the lake and back during the noon hour, catching a cormorant bringing materials back to the nesting area on the island by the sanctuary. Better to bring a camera with a longer lens set for faster focus to do it properly, but I still find them of interest. Nice sun, not as warm as yesterday and so a light jacket.

What initially got me out the door was seeing workmen, while walking home from breakfast these last two mornings, in the building along Grand that will front two residential buildings to be built behind them, their backs (or entrances) fronting on my street not far down from my apartment, so I walked to that area to see if there was any activity. A pickup truck and two workers were finishing up cutting back all the grass and brush in what will be the construction area and so maybe they're planing to start construction. Otherwise why spend the money? Unless there's a fire danger. Pictures later.

Later still. A long session getting rid of old paperwork, eliminating two piles that have been sitting on chairs by the kitchen counter. Evidently, if we're not going to go for a walk, then we're going to get things done here in the apartment. A first in a while. Again, the weather?

More work on the marathon photographs, enough done now for a section, but we've run out of steam and will finish them tomorrow. Or later. Oh, and a walk to that (soon to be?) construction area again to take two pictures. I'm wondering how they're going to move all that earth around without access to Grand through those buildings? Maybe we'll know sooner than I'm expecting.

Evening. Not a bad day. Watched some of Democracy Now!, although I'd listened to it through on the web earlier this afternoon, not to mention listening to the first half this morning. An hour long interview with Noam Chomsky that I found of interest. Otherwise listening to this and that on television, more work on pictures until Charlie Rose started and found interesting for about five minutes. No complaints, the day and evening have gone well, but it's time for bed and maybe another crack at the slow as molasses tablet.

The photo up top was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade yesterday in San Francisco with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.