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April 5, 2017

To Bed

Wednesday. Gave up on the tablet, as it kept crapping out due to the slow Internet speed, and so lights out last night just after nine to awaken at seven to six, two minutes before the KPFA five minute news starts, and exactly the right time. Had to break the crust that was cementing the eyes shut, but up in reasonably good spirits to head off to breakfast, taking a couple of the usual pictures.

The oatmeal, rye toast again, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, one pound over the target one-fifty on the scale this morning. The day and I have begun.

Still overcast on the way home, they're saying a chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, but all is OK today. That AT&T service call appointment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so we'll be inside anyway. Still, a good start to this day, no reason to think otherwise. A walk on to the (soon to be?) construction site down my street when I saw the parking area beside it blocked off and took two pictures to show the steep bank, a shot I should have taken yesterday.

Later. Finished the usual morning routine by watching an episode of Law & Order, checked the NextBus app that said a bus was due in four minutes, just enough time to get to the stop without hurrying. A bus to the Broadway ATM, missing the return bus by two minutes, and so walking home, turning the corner at Grand and running into these two dancing (quite skillfully) to music on the sidewalk. Seeing the camera they said “take our picture!”. So I did. Of course.

The sinus-upper palate thing acting up on the walk back. None of the ocular migraine symptoms, haven't really had any of those in a while, but feeling funky none the less. Noticed they'd delivered one of the large trash containers where they'd placed “do not park” traffic cones yesterday, so maybe another indication the construction is going to start. Be interesting to see what they're planning to put in it. Could be for another tenant altogether, but we'll see soon enough.

Again, feeling funky, took another dose of the pain meds when I got home and watched another episode of Law & Order. I say I like the fact they break their episodes in two, an arrest the bad guys in the first half and then a court trial in the second half.

Later still. I was curious and so walked up my street to check out the large trash container to find it gone. Gone? Just like that? Are we hallucinating trash containers? Took a picture from another angle of the construction area and went back to the apartment. Didn't see anything to indicate anything had been loaded and carted away, the traffic cones and tape still in place to warn away anyone who'd think to park.

A mystery. Pretty exciting stuff!

Now, now. Much too much excitement in other areas of this city, disappearing trash containers is more than enough for us.

Evening. More television, skipped Democracy Now! as I'd seen the last half of the Noam Chomsky interview yesterday, watched more Law & Order, episodes I'd seen before (but, of course, didn't recall how they'd ended), skipped Midsomer Murders because I always skip Midsomer Murders, checked Charlie Rose and then went to bed.

The photo up top was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade yesterday in San Francisco with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.