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Here In Oakland

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April 6, 2017


Thursday. Lights out by nine, but the usual hour or so period of semi-consciousness getting to sleep, awakening at six. Which, I suppose, is good. Checked the weather and the sky was overcast, but no rain and so off walking to breakfast in a good mood.

A drop or two of rain. They're saying rain later this afternoon, but you never know. Arrived at breakfast (dry), had the oatmeal, rye toast, fruit cup and coffee that I'd had yesterday (and the day before that ), took my time over the papers and headed home to find a few more, but still very intermittent drops of rain.

There was a pandorea flower opening on that vine I've been watching and so a picture. An out of focus, overexposed picture. Why, I'm not sure. Took a picture of one of the flowers below the Lakeview school farther on down the way, but went through the mechanics I should have used for the pandorea. Ah, well. It and I will be there tomorrow.

There was a large trash container sitting in front of the entrance to the apartment house/condominium construction site on Grand and so a picture of the container and the entrance to the building as it was being sealed off with plywood. So stuff is happening. No sign of a container reappearing on my street on the opposite side. I've been thinking, if I end up photographing this thing, that I should do it right. Work to create more interesting (to me) images, not just another series of snapshots like those at my two earlier projects.

AT&T is due this afternoon between noon and four and I am definitely in need of getting this Internet of mine taken care of. When I fired up Dreamweaver, Lightroom and Photoshop this morning to work on the journal, Adobe gave me an error message saying I hadn't logged in properly, causing it to assume I had them installed, but they weren't registered. I finally wondered if a slow connection speed had caused the problem. AT&T: please show up this afternoon. Soon.

Later. The AT&T repairman arrived just after noon, which is nice. After spending half an hour in the downstairs building wiring closet, he headed outside to look at the external connection and now, an hour later, I have no service whatsoever. Whatever the problem turns out to be, I'm assuming it doesn't have anything to do with the modem or my workstation and peripherals. Which would be good.

Later still. The tech let me know he was finished, the speeds I'm getting are the speeds I'm supposed to be getting (considered slow these days) and so much for it's not the modem or my equipment. The iPad still bombs out and so I'll be checking the iPad and the Wi-Fi unit tomorrow. Don't have another iPad to test so I'll bring it to the café in the morning, connect it to their network and see if it works any better there. If this turns out to be something simple I should have caught (an ex-techie, after all) I'm going to be embarrassed.

Evening. Watched television, futzed with the computer, listened to the Syria news, got as far as Charlie Rose and then went to bed. Raining out there now, they're saying it will be raining tomorrow, best to put off whatever else until breakfast.

The photo up top was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade yesterday in San Francisco with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.