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April 9, 2017

Arrange It

Sunday. A decent enough night's sleep to awaken again at five-thirty, thirty minutes earlier than I'd like, but not unsurprising after having turned the lights out early, thinking I may have had a very light ocular incident after yesterday's breakfast.

Had the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee this morning, thinking best not to play with fire, particularly as we're planning on going to the Cherry Blossom Festival later for photographs. Amen.

All three papers had arrived by the time I set out to drive and so ran a little late reading through all the papers. Drove to the supermarket on the way home, buying two of the single serving bottles of sake. I haven't had alcohol now in months, so we'll see how it goes later this evening. What the hell, also picked up the Cheddar cheese spread and crackers. If we're going to relapse, we should do it properly.

Is that really a relapse?

Only in the sense I haven't done it in a while. A drink now and then seems more like civilized behavior than playing with fire. The Cheddar cheese is problematic, what with its role in the ocular migraine business. It's just I haven't been to the supermarket in some time and cereal, milk and frozen vegetables were needed.

Later. Cold, chilly and so out the door in a sweater and winter coat, the whole cold weather outfit, to catch the bus, BART and then the 38 Geary to Japantown. The sun was out when I arrived, as it had been in Oakland, but it was warmer. And it got warmer still until I'd spent maybe an hour looking for pictures, finding some few and then thinking best to head home. Too warm and feeling tired.

There was a good crowd, but very few people in costume or traditional Japanese dress and so it took more time and effort than usual to stumble across pictures. Maybe half the required number for a web section when I left, catching the bus without much of a wait and then a train that came two minutes after I arrived at the station.

Missed the Oakland bus by five minutes and so took a cab, as the alimentary canal was telling me it needed to sit us down very very soon on a toilet. Which I did and it did and we saved ourself a world of embarrassment. Ten minutes lying on the bed after was enough to get me up, download today's pictures and process what I'd gotten.


A few I like, enough for half a section. I either go next Saturday to complete the section or I skip Saturday and go Sunday for the forming up of the parade. I'd like to do both, but the parade is the more important.

Later still. Turns out one would have been enough, after not having had any alcohol in a while. I'm guessing. Takes time for it to kick in and so I was into the second bottle when it did finally. Lesson learned. For a week. Three days. Takes about three days to a week for me to, um, forget and repeat.

Sometimes one or two days methinks.

I don't get to the supermarket much anymore. And we're not all that bent out of shape. Just, you know, floating and babbling here.

Evening. Flying right along. Stumbled upon an old Elementary episode airing on channel 2 at four o'clock, followed by the same episode on channel 36 at five, the next episode in the series following it on channel 36 at six. Early episodes, both of which I'd seen. Remembered pieces of them, this early Holmes crankier and less pleasing than the later, less cranky and somewhat more pleasing, Holmes in the more recent series. Still a pain in the ass in other words..

Two drinks don't last forever and I'm looking forward to a good long night's sleep, starting at closer to ten than nine. If I can somehow figure out a way to arrange it.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.