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April 10, 2017

They Said

Monday. To bed last night to watch from the beginning the episode I thought had warped out with a light, not quite, ocular migraine the other night. The Scottish accents weren't all that easy to follow, but I'm still guessing it was indeed ocular related.

Anyway, watched it, turned the lights out before ten and slept in until twenty after six, so a good night's sleep. Felt clear headed, did the usual routine getting up and setting out to walk to breakfast, finding the apartment manager's Wall Street Journal sitting at the doorstep, but not the East Bay Times, both of which are delivered by the same service. Confused for two or three minutes, checked the area, no East Bay Times. Then remembered it was Monday and they don't deliver the East Bay Times on Mondays.

Thought about that as I set out. I'd remembered it was Monday and the apartment manager would have put the trash containers out for pickup today and so brought what paper trash I had to put in them this morning, heading out the front door instead of through the garage door where they're stored during the week. Knew it was Monday, but somehow didn't remember the paper doesn't come on Mondays, although I've always remembered this in the past, causing me to go through quite a bit of bumbling about searching before the memory came back. Another glitch to be added to the list.

Passed two workers loading trash stripped from the building fronting the planned residential building construction site on Grand and so took a couple of pictures, chiding myself for bringing a camera with a 135mm lens. Limits where you can position yourself in framing the picture. So, stuff continues to happen on the project. A good excuse to get outside and check what they're up to later.

Had the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, left the café and took the usual gas sign and pandorea flower pictures, totally forgetting I'd noted the gas price changes earlier while entering the café yet didn't remember to cross the street and get a straight on photo of the sign for the linked image above when I left. The second memory glitch of the day. I can take one before I post this tomorrow morning after breakfast, but another first time glitch.

Home to edit yesterday's entry. More memory glitches obvious in the web pages, glitches that really didn't make all that much sense as there was no rationale I could imagine as to how they happened. No big deal, but we'd started the day wondering at this morning's glitches and now we're seeing those we'd made yesterday preceding them.

Clouds and such, but sun too, so we're guessing sun for the rest of the day. They're saying chances of rain this coming Wednesday and Thursday, so we'll go with their forecast and plan on getting out if only because the watch battery died this morning at five minutes to nine and so we need to go downtown to replace the battery.

Later. A bus to the Broadway ATM, a walk to the shop I go to when I have a watch battery that needs replacing and then, five minutes later, a bus home. Just like that.

Tired, though, and spent the rest of the afternoon either watching more of that Scottish detective series in bed on the tablet or (unsuccessfully) attempting a nap. Hmm. Not much else, although I did walk up to the lot fronting on my street where the residential building construction is planned. A picture, but no real indication they're up to anything yet.

Evening. Nothing on television other than the Julian Assange interview on Democracy Now! that I'd heard a good portion of this morning and so watched what I'd missed with interest. No indication, unfortunately, we live other than in “interesting time”.

Skipped Charlie Rose and watched an Endeavour episode I haven't seen before. Like these later episodes more than those first episodes and so followed along, struggling with the accents and audio, making out about half of what was going on. I assume there's a second half of the story to follow in next week's episode as the episode ended with the young Morse being carted off to jail. For murder, they said.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.