August Archive

Aug    1st - Crash and Burn
Aug   2nd - Well After Ten
Aug    3rd - Out To Sea
Aug    4th - Have To Wait
Aug    5th - End Of The Week
Aug    6th - In The Background
Aug    7th - Practice Does
Aug    8th - Of Grousing
Aug    9th - A Little Turmoil
Aug  10th - Maybe Not
Aug  11th - Up To Tomorrow
Aug  12th - My Experience
Aug  13th - A Decent Hour
Aug  14th - When We Awake
Aug  15th - Early Night To Bed
Aug  16th - Instead Of Corona
Aug  17th - Weekend Ahead
Aug  18th - And Forget It
Aug  19th - I've Been Doing
Aug  20th - List For Tomorrow
Aug  21st - Suppressing The Laughter
Aug 22nd - Of This Block
Aug  23rd - Usually Ice Cream
Aug  24th - I Guess
Aug  25th - Is It Not?
Aug  26th - Wave Again Tomorrow
Aug  27th - Still Functional
Aug  28th - Decent Hour
Aug  29th - Not A Problem
Aug  30th - Bringing Us To
Aug  31st - Other Than That

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