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  December 1999 Archive

Dec 31st - Happy New Year To All
Dec 30th - Spring Needs To Hurry
Dec 29th - Drifting Toward Friday
Dec 27th - And It's Only Monday
Dec 26th - Photography Books
Dec 25th - Things To Consider
Dec 24th - Think About It Tomorrow
Dec 23rd - Rude Words
Dec 22nd - Already Tomorrow
Dec 20th - No Sugar For The Kid
Dec 19th - Pesky People
Dec 18th - Of Sloth and Incoherence
Dec 15th - Floor, No More
Dec 14th - If There Is A Later
Dec 13th - The Land Of The Sun
Dec 10th - On The Train
Dec   9th - A Train To Catch
Dec   8th - Sredni Vashtar
Dec   7th - A Blood Test With Breakfast
Dec   5th - Will They Notice?
Dec   4th - DBA Of The Month
Dec   3rd - When I Get The Invitation
Dec   2nd - Do You Wassail Too?
Dec   1st - A Woman My Age

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