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  June 2004 Archive

June 30th  - Taking Myself Seriously
June 29th  - On The Road
June 28th  - Thinking That Myself
June 26th  - This Is Very Good
June 25th  - This Weekend
June 23rd  - End Of The World
June 22nd  - Believe Me
June 21st  - Not A Bad Day
June 20th  - Late Into The Evening
June 18th  - Make It Fly
June 17th  - When We Were Told
June 16th  - The Day Is Fine
June 13th  - Must Be Sunday
June 11th  - Heat Up At Home
June 10th  - Shin Pads
June   9th  - Some More Tomorrow
June   8th  - Genetic Engineering?
June   7th  - In San Francisco
June   6th  - That And Lunch
June   3rd  - Happy To Have It
June  2nd  - Calling This Finished
June   1st  - The Long Weekend

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