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  November 1999 Archive

Nov 28th - Do They All Say That?
Nov 25th - Still Know The Feeling
Nov 24th - Undisclosed But Natural
Nov 23rd - Ally McBeal
Nov 22nd - Naivete, It's Called
Nov 21st - Cross The Fingers
Nov 20th - Predictable
Nov 19th - Eventually They Break
Nov 18th - Are You With Us?
Nov 17th - As The Holiday Approaches
Nov 16th - Other Days Are Approaching
Nov 15th - We'll Find Out
Nov 13th - Art, Life, a Cranberry Muffin
Nov 12th - At Least In The Beginning
Nov 11th - The Sheets Are Fresh
Nov 10th - I'm Dribbling Off
Nov   9th - Go Down With The Ship
Nov   8th - Dried Fish and Potato Vodka
Nov   7th - Four Or Five Times
Nov   4th - Cabbage
Nov   3rd - Be Careful
Nov   2nd - Flecks and Foam and Flies
Nov   1st - I'm Losing Marbles

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