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August 13, 2010

Finally Heating Up
Friday. To bed at what was probably a decent hour. I needed a late morning nap yesterday to get all the cylinders to fire, maybe I'll need one today, hey. But so what? Up at six, to breakfast, back now at eight, the sky overcast. I have two doctor's appointments coming up next week, one with the ear, nose and throat guy on Monday, hoping he can find a way to make some improvement in the sinus thing and one with a pulmonary doctor on Wednesday, his office having sent a large packet of paperwork yesterday to fill out with instructions to get two lab tests done before the late in the day appointment. Hmm. Better arrange them this morning. Hmm. More scans. Hmm.

Radiation. Hmm. Just what the doctor ordered.

Other than that a bit of guitar practice and a bath maybe. If I feel in the mood for a nap after the bath, then a nap. I'll put off thinking of where I might like to take a walk. Too many walks in places I've walked a thousand times before. I have sections on the web I call “Miscellaneous Oakland Photographs” and “Here in Oakland” and they are about Oakland if you assume Oakland is a place within, say, three blocks of a line drawn between my apartment and the City Center downtown. Or between my apartment and Jack London Square, the line bisecting City Center and the City Hall. Most of Oakland is left out of that picture.

So you're going to start taking walks out in the wilds then, the parts of Oakland often described under large banner headlines in the morning papers?

No, no. Just stating the obvious. We'll keep to our limited little line, I have no doubt, although I've also talked about getting out of Oakland and driving up north for a couple of days of exploration. Not only have I not done so, I've not even thought about it or felt a pang of guilt. Until right now. Maybe time to think about that.

Later. A bath, good, a lie down for a minute to listen to the radio in the bedroom, good, awakening an hour later. I guess that's good. Maybe better to get to bed earlier from now on. Lying down this morning, like lying down yesterday, had certain elements of an ocular migraine about them. Probably not good. Nothing full blown, but I've had these now more often that I want to think about in the mid mornings after breakfast. Not sure why.

I assume diet because, well, they talk about diet. Breakfast? Yesterday's eats? Breakfasts do vary: this morning a plain blueberry waffle with a sliced banana and a side order of dry toast. A little jelly on the toast. Something to bring up when I next visit the neurologist. Not good, I suspect, when you make lists of things to discuss with your neurologist. Not good, I suspect, just in having a neurologist.

Later still. I have to admit most of the funky morning has followed me into the afternoon, the funky part anyway. A bus ride downtown to sit in the City Center for a while, a couple of pictures just to say I'd taken a couple of pictures. There might have been something there, but my heart wasn't in it. A walk then back about halfway to the apartment, turning the corner on Grand and waiting for the bus. That didn't come. The next scheduled bus arrived and took me the rest of the way home. No reason to get upset. No way around it other than to drive downtown on my jaunts and driving defeats the purpose of getting out for exercise and shooting pictures.

I'm meeting with some of the usual crew at Harrington's in the city at six, leaving in about half an hour. Haven't gotten together with them in a while so whatever the condition of the head (and it's getting better after another dose of the magic little meds) I'm headed out. And feeling OK. Certainly well enough to enjoy the evening. They're talking about dinner somewhere after Harrington's so I'll either have dinner with them or head back home before nine. This coming weekend is crowded with parades and festivals, two tomorrow, one on Sunday. The month is finally heating up, this Friday the 13th in Oakland.

The photograph was taken at the August Oakland Art Murmur with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.