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August 14, 2010

For A Change
Saturday. A good night at Harrington's last night in San Francisco, finding a parking space on the first try near a BART entrance in Oakland, the night clear, the temperature pleasant. We'd talked about heading out somewhere else later for dinner, but, of course, managed to stay at Harrington's until after nine when I took off alone for home. Maybe they went on to another place later, but I doubt it. I'd had (if I was counting correctly) five pints of Guinness over the course of those three hours, felt fine for the five, more than I'd normally consume, but no after effects so far that I can tell.

I didn't take any pictures at Harrington's, nothing seems to have presented itself, but I took some on BART and at the West Oakland station where I transferred trains. I have a rule if a train arrives that requires me to transfer at West Oakland (get off at that station and wait a few minutes for an Oakland bound train to arrive) I get on the transfer train if it has empty seats guaranteeing me a comfortable ride. The Oakland train, when it arrived five minutes later, was standing room only, so I could have patted myself on the back as I stood on the short trip to my station had I been so inclined.

As opposed to patting yourself on the back just now?

Sure, why not? Stream of consciousness fluff at eight in the morning, no reason to think about anything too ambitious at this early hour, even after a good breakfast and a run by the supermarket for milk and cereal. We have pictures to take in San Francisco later this morning, a parade forming up to start at eleven. And then the Nihonmachi Street Fair in San Francisco's Japantown. And then the music thing down the way here in Oakland. Too much all in one day, but I'll attend as many as I can.

Later. My, my. After that I lay down for a minute on the bed and started to doze off I decided I wasn't going to make the Pistahan Festival parade in the city. OK, there's still the Pistahan Festival itself they're holding after the parade today and tomorrow and the Nihonmachi Street Fair is later this afternoon, we can doze off, get some sleep and trot on over later. That was then, this is now at almost five in the afternoon and I am indeed up and around after what has been a very slow day, but there's been no parades or pictures. Well, tomorrow. There's the Pistahan thing tomorrow. We'll see. All that ambition, no follow through. What was I thinking when I was writing all that hup! hup! hup! this morning? The night out last night? Could have been, but I wonder. Home before ten, to bed soon after? The Guinness?

So for today, maybe in recompense, I'll follow through and catch up on the guitar, having missed yesterday's practice (a first). I got in some time this morning, I'll get more time in this evening. Some of these songs, as I mentioned, are starting to make sense. Nice to at least have something around here make sense for a change.

The photograph was taken last night coming home to Oakland on BART with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor D lens.