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August 1, 2013

The Wall?
Thursday. To bed again at a decent hour, but up at nine this morning. It was obvious to me I needed the sleep. OK. Overcast, the usual early morning overcast routine, off to breakfast to feed the meter, read the papers and eat, back by way of the supermarket to pick up cottage cheese, grapes, sake, frozen corn and frozen peas. Not sure why the sake. Maybe I felt I wasn't buying enough with just the four items to justify the trip, so the sake and then a large package of toilet paper was added for good measure.

Back at the apartment I was feeling tired, a little weird and tired, so I took a nap. A long nap - half awake, half asleep - some features of an ocular migraine dancing through my head. Not able to get up or concentrate until after two in the afternoon, when I finally got up.

The corned beef hash for breakfast? I haven't eaten it in a long time now as cured foods are high on the to be avoided list. You get to thinking you've beaten the rap, you're home free, nothing can touch you and so go back to old habits and bam! Chastised. We will look at yesterday's entry later, see how badly we may have screwed it up. We're getting odd typos and things falling through the cracks even now as we write.

Later. OK, I think the day may have finally come together. None of the over the top creatures clawing their way up from the deep, more a ditsy not wanting to move feeling that leaves you, well, sitting in one place. No plans to take a bus downtown to check out the Latham Square project, for example, or even across the street to the lake.

Guitar now, not a lot of guitar yesterday when the ocular stuff kicked in, but this time we'll play through the evening. We will. (hup!)

Evening. OK (I start with OK rather often lately, probably another indicative sign of lapse), another Swedish thing at six that I followed this evening with interest (and yes, played along with on the guitar), one I've watched, but given a tepid reaction to in the past, an episode where the protagonist manages to put everyone he knows into imminent danger hanging by a thread, but again, I followed it with interest. Actual interest. Do the mobs really control most of the banks in the Eurozone? Are they making this up, playing to our current paranoia?

When I realized I'd gotten in enough guitar practice for the day I wandered into the kitchen and discovered the sake I'd bought earlier at the supermarket. Well, what to day? Two servings of sake, very nice, if they flip me into the ocular zone I'll at least have gotten in the guitar.

At the moment it's “activated” the Niacin I take in the evenings (usually, if it happens, kicking in the next morning by the morning coffee). Prickly thing, this Niacin reaction, feels at the moment uncommonly rather, well, nice! We'll see where this goes after I determine whether or not I'm willing to follow Ms. Marple through the two episodes scheduled for this evening at eight. We're on a roll, but where to and at what speed? The wall?

The photo up top was taken at the J-Pop Summit Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.