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July 31, 2013

Whatever Until Bed
Wednesday. To bed last night watching the clock turn ten as I drifted off to sleep, so up with the alarm (another overcast morning) at the right time to head out and back from breakfast. Good. Starting the day well, one hopes, although the day will enlighten me with its own opinion in its own sweet time. Fine. We're ready. Or not. Hup!

I did clean up a series of photographs from the J-Pop festival last evening and early this morning, posting them to artandlife. I should have spent more time with them before posting, seen the errors, but we're starting a study session with Lightroom and Photoshop today with the recent arrival of new Lightroom and Photoshop study guides. We are. Too many software changes, too many mistakes.

I believe this is the same young woman who won last year's contest (don't ask me the name of the contest, we're just here for the pictures, ma’am) and I can see why. The costume (which I'm assuming she designed and made) and the way she poses for the photographs are way beyond the norm. No problem in getting me to break my candid obsession. You learn over time how rare these people are.

Later. A walk over to the lake with a long lens just to get outside the apartment, a picture or two: the goose caught on the fly (but not quite in focus). Such is photographic life. Overcast, a little cool, what am I doing here, so back to the apartment to change cameras and catch a bus downtown. We'll take a look at the Latham Square project and pick up some AAA batteries. Excuse enough for a trip.

Having gotten the batteries I noticed a small group of people seemingly forming up in front of Justin Herman Plaza. What were they up to? So a walk over to take a picture of their banner, staying to photograph the group demonstrating this morning against California's policy of long term solitary confinement. If they were planning on marching later, they marched without me, as I was tired and left after an hour to head home on another bus. We are stalwart, but evidently only up to a point. Incipient back pain being one of those points.

Hungry now, the pictures downloaded, maybe put together a section for HereInOakland and artandlife, but later, after I decide what I want to eat. Could take hours, could take minutes, won't take all week.

Later still. Pictures. What else? They're done, at least the first group for HereInOakland, they're not all that great (more faces along with the signs next time), but they give an idea of what went on in the sense of how many people showed up from the various separate groups who came out.

Evening. Nothing on T.V. at six, so another Korean set in ancient times soap until eight. I'm not sure when this particular series started, maybe this evening, more likely last week, but it kept my interest. Interesting photographic technique, interesting settings and pacing. I was realizing the similarity making a movie and shooting a series of studio sessions, each with its own story told by how it was structured, the composition, the lighting, the furnishings. Hmm. An obvious observation, but for whatever reason, the way it was (IMHO) overstated, seemed to hit home.

How so?

A series of scenes involving lanterns set again white paper sliding doors at night. Set the whole “feeling” for the piece. Ah, well. Guitar now to play along with whatever until bed.

The photo up top was taken yesterday, walking along Grand by the lake with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.