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July 30, 2013

Again Tomorrow
Tuesday. To bed before ten, up with the alarm to head off to breakfast and back, returning at eight. A good start to another overcast (in the morning) day, thinking I'd better check Twitter at ten when the Bradley Manning judgment is pronounced. First time I've thought of going to Twitter to hear breaking news. Not particularly happy with the result.

Still, we are up, the day is ahead, let's get something done. A drive over to the Honda dealer for routine maintenance on the Element. I've been good about that and need to send a questionnaire about the number of miles I drive to my insurance agent to confirm the mileage I drive each year. I (you may have noticed) don't drive all that much.

Fine, a bus then from the dealer to the downtown, getting off the bus to document any progress on the Latham Square project. Maybe they're letting the paint thoroughly dry as no one was there working, although they'd been out painting over the weekend. The construction period is supposed to take three weeks. But a picture or two to show I was there.

A walk by City Hall running into a demonstration by recycling workers evidently in the middle of a wage negotiation. Hadn't heard about it, but they join a number of unions (and in the Walmart-McDonalds-etc. cases, people who want to form unions) who are out on the streets these days. I wish them luck.

Filthy leftist!

Probably so, although I'm less than happy about underfunded pension plans and such. You fund them properly and they stand out for all to see if they've been rationally structured or not, otherwise the hammer falls twenty years later on the tax payer and the pensioner both when the union leaders and politico's who made the deal are now long gone.

A bus back to Grand to walk on to a building I'd spotted on the bus from the dealership, something called the Inside Out Project. I wish the taggers had had better sense when they were fucking this one up, but that's the habit of taggers: some few do good work, most have their spray cans up their ass. Anyway, a picture or two because I was in the mood.

Coffee and a pastry at the coffee shop by the Christ The Light Cathedral before catching the bus back home and to wait on a call from the dealer while I putter around here. A not bad start to the day, slow at first, a nap for about an hour when I got home, but up, the head feeling better, the sinuses better after eating and then blowing the nose.

I still wonder if this new need to blow the nose after eating might be a sign of progress, whether is signals some kind of recovery by the sinuses, if they might not settle out one day. Might. Hope reigns eternal. Otherwise we'll make it, but it would be nice to make it without them making their presence so forcefully known.

Later. Yes, I did cancel today's afternoon guitar lesson. I wasn't ready and I knew it. The weekend pictures got in the way. My worry is: if it hadn't been the pictures, would I have come up with another excuse? We are suspicious of ourself. Probably for the best, but I'm far from ready to give up on rock and roll stardom quite yet.

Later still. A call from the dealer, a bus and than another bus to the shop, a drive back home picking up a steak sandwich at the burger drive-in on the way back. They'd washed the car without charging me for it. My, my. It needed washing. Almost worth the extra cost of having the car serviced by the dealer. Well, what the hell. I decided on taking it to the dealer pretty much when I bought it, my old days of bringing my old cars to a Jiffy Lube are now long lost.

Hungry, by the way. Not a bad steak sandwich. Not quite a vegetarian yet.

Evening. A Maigret I'd seen before, but didn't wuite remember who'd done it until the very end. Watched it while running scales and chords and things on the guitar. Good. Watched Charlie Rose without turning it off. Success, I guess, getting through Charlie Rose. To bed early, we'll pick up the pieces again tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco J-Pop Summit Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.