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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 4, 2013

Think, at Ten
Sunday. We keep learning things. To bed before ten last night, up just before eight to head out and back from breakfast on an overcast morning, breakfast consisting (for the first time in some time) of a hamburger patty (well done), country potatoes, two eggs over medium, fruit and coffee. Home, working on yesterday's entry, the mouth went dry, the brain fogged in various ways (started having trouble remembering how to process the photograph showing today's change in gas prices in Photoshop and so I immediately went into the bedroom to lie down for more than an hour. Just like that.

The breakfast? Hard to say, although I'm sticking with the waffle with fruit from here out for at least a couple of weeks, see if that makes a difference. I'm assuming there's no way they can screw up a plain waffle, sliced strawberries and bananas and coffee. Unless I'm missing something.

Art & Soul in another four hours, we'll start at three in the afternoon this time. Should be more people by then for better pictures if the head is on straight. Such is life. Dry mouth, almost puffy (felt puffy, it wasn't actually puffy), losing things in the cracks (becoming confused in the middle of a simple Photoshop routine), nothing really over the top in the sense of some few I've had in the past, but clearly marching along the oh too familiar path.

You seem to be “surprised” by these things, even though you've been surprised by so many in the past.

I keep thinking (if thinking is the word) this will pass, so I can go back, if only slightly back, on the rules (don't eat this, don't eat that) without being blind sided again. Often I can, but too often I'm wrong and we're back to square one. So good! Enough! Hup! We'll be rigorous for the month and see if it works, see if dumb can change to close to dumb and the world can open up and bloom before us.

What did your horoscope say today?

Hide in bed, don't come out til next spring, a ding, a ding, ding.

Later. The world has come together reasonably well putting together yesterday's Art & Soul photographs, a section, but too many of the photographs are, well, not holding their own. So we'll make some substitutions with better ones when we get back from the festival this afternoon.

I did copy the Latham Square Plaza photographs over to artandlife. Some are better than others, we may still go after one or two (or three or four) of the earlier ones to see if I can't get the color better in balance, but this conversation is always going on in a photographer's head (I would imagine). Little squeaky gears driven by hamsters: do this, do that!

Anyway, our little screwed up head has straightened itself out (a bit), so on to Art & Soul (at three today instead of yesterday's arrival at noon).

Evening. Not bad. Not bad at all. A bus over to the City Center, a wait in line to buy a ticket (many people paying with a credit card can slow down a line I discover) and then on into the festival, the sun bright, I quite comfortably wearing the Art & Soul t-shirt I'd bought yesterday, the head in pretty good shape.

So a walk once or twice or thrice through the entire thing, a picture here, a picture there, a blue berry muffin and a Cranberry drink at a table in front of the bagel shop in the City Center, two hours of this and we were ready to go home.

Back to work on the photographs (more than enough for another section with some left over up upgrade yesterday's section - yay!), everything playing on television this evening repeats of programs recently seen (which made guitar practice a bit more difficult than it should have been) but now to bed, I'd think, at ten.

The photo up top was taken at Art & Soul in downtown Oakland with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.