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Here In Oakland

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August 5, 2013

Eavesdropping Again
Monday. I did get to bed at ten and I didn't get up this morning until eight. After eight. My, my. Felt good, though. Walked to breakfast, had the waffle with fruit (as I'd decided to do after yesterday's little adventure) and walked back home feeling even more upbeat about this taking of pictures business. Yesterday was evidently a good day, if only for the head.

So what shall we do today? Go over to San Francisco, check out the America's Cup spectators if not the ships boats themselves? Prattle on here and do nothing at all? Walk over to the lake and photograph the lack of birds? The mood is good, we may do them all. Might even play some decent guitar (for a change) on this overcast morning. We might.

Later. A bus downtown to check Latham Square where there was no new progress, over to the City Center thinking maybe some lunch, although nothing ultimately appealed, so another bus to the morning restaurant (half a turkey sandwich, ice cream and lemonade. A walk back to the apartment after sitting for a bit on a bench at the white columned pergola.

Home now finishing the Art & Soul photographs for HereInOakland before taking a nap and then practicing guitar. Pretty active for a Monday, I'd say.

Evening. Repeats of various things on television, but played along on guitar with a odd Korean soap of sorts that's gotten more interesting as it's progressed on Monday's and Tuesday's. Subtitles, of course, so I sat there reading and playing. Still haven't done enough with the guitar, but progress of a sort.

To bed early. I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow at ten, so I need to get up early for breakfast, then go get the haircut, check Latham Square along the way (just down the street from the hair salon) and get back to work with the guitar again.

Maybe you should consider stopping the lessons for a while. You do seem to worry over them more than one might like.

You've been eavesdropping again.

The photo up top was taken at Art & Soul yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.