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August 8, 2013

No Such Illusions
Thursday. I watched a Netflix movie to finish out the evening last night, first on the computer while playing along on the guitar (a first for practicing in front of the computer) and then in bed on the iPad before getting to sleep after eleven, up (again) three times during the night (sore muscles due to sleeping on one side without moving for too long more than anything else), but still up with the alarm without particular effort and then heading off to breakfast.

It was time for a supermarket run on the way back, so cereal, milk, cottage cheese, grapes and two servings of sake are now sitting in the kitchen. We'll engage in another night of sake debauchery later, the first in some weeks. Dangerous living, I'd say, if nonsensical babble counts as living.

Overcast with sprinkles of rain, but sun again by early afternoon. Another interesting summer month by the bay that lives up to its reputation. Come of San Francisco in the summer, but bring your scarves and jackets. At least your jackets. Summers here can surprise you said Jack London.

Later. A walk over to the lake with the long lens to find two egrets along the shore and one lone pelican sitting out on the boom near the fountain. I wasn't expecting much (other than geese), so I was happy to have found a couple of pictures.

And then a nice long nap. I say “nice” in the sense I was tired, zoned out for over an hour and felt refreshed when I got up, no trips to darker places on the planet.

There's another prison hunger strike protest starting later at five at 14th and Broadway, I may be up for photographing it, so something to look forward to do later.

Evening. I did not go downtown to photograph the hunger strike sympathizers. Just no ambition, the sinuses absorbing much of the day's attention. Out of whack sinuses. Good to blame. I can come up with others.

The program at six was a repeat of a recent one, so I watched another chapter of the Wednesday and Thursday's Korean soap. A bit overdone, but palatable with a little guitar added in the background. Not as much guitar today as yesterday, but enough. We're doing OK.

Another Netflix movie. Actually two or three, I often start one, find it uninteresting, go to another and have the same reaction, go back to the first and then jump to start another. Lots of movies out there in the ozone, very few good ones.

And you're the expert?

We in our babble have no such illusions.

The photo up top was taken at a demonstration against long term solitary confinement at 14th and Broadway on Tuesday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.