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August 9, 2013

Easily As Not
Friday. To bed before ten, up with the alarm on another cool to verging on cold and overcast morning, checking the gas prices as I was entering the morning café and wondering if they'd lowered them again? Since yesterday? Or do I just not quite remember? Best to be sure so I took a just in case photograph to discover, when home, they indeed hadn't changed and it was (ha!) another memory problem.

At least that's in some ways a good sign from what I've been recently reading. If you are noticing the times you've forgotten something - a name, the reason you went into the bedroom, a change in gas prices - you're not experiencing the onset of anything too drastic. It's when your friends start noticing you're forgetting things that you yourself aren't aware of a problem that you have to worry about, well, the usual suspects. Names, gas prices and odd typos while writing: they all evidently come sporadically to everyone after about the age of fifty.

And these choppy herky-jerky - did this, did that - journal entries you've been writing?

That too, I'm afraid, but made even worse by not tying them up with a proper edit.

Later. A bus downtown to eyeball the Latham Square Project to find if they've made progress. They're projecting completion this next weekend, so I'm guessing the on site work will consist of delivering the completed seats and planters shown in their web site plan with building and assembly being done somewhere off site. There were indeed people present and work seems underway, so progress.

A walk then to have a mocha coffee and a raspberry cookie in the Rotunda building next door before catching a bus home, the sky still overcast as it was approaching noon, the air still cool to cold, best to have worn a heavier jacket. Still, so far so good. Less good if you're looking for excitement.

You have my permission to skip the excitement.


Later still. Nothing like the appearance of the sun to get me outside, it does feel better somehow whether it's warmer or not. A bus to take another look at Latham Square, the lady leading the project saying it was on schedule for completion by next Thursday with an opening ceremony to be held the Saturday after. So more pictures. Not much of a photo project, but it does force you to think of ways you might have made them more interesting.

Crappy head and sinuses all this day, an extra dose of the pain meds just now when I got home to see if they'd make a difference. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. They're stronger than the over the counter stuff, supposed to be non habit forming, but I've been taking them now for years and can't really say how helpful they've been. Most of the time I don't need them, some of the time I do and, during some much less common periods, I could use something stronger.

As in?

Well, I've experimented with sake and bourbon.

Evening. I did set out with the idea of going downtown at five-thirty, got downstairs and noticed the mail had arrived, picked up the mail and returned to the apartment to take off the jacket, put away the camera and settle in for the evening. So much for outdoor evening adventure.

The Italian subtitled in English thing at six, a detective working for Il Duce during WW II that I've seen was on at six, so I've been playing guitar with the news droning on in the background. I've had good luck with mixing the news with playing.

That extra dose of pain meds seems to have worked, although again, it's hard to tell. Could have gotten better as easily as not without them.

The photo up top was taken at a demonstration against long term solitary confinement at 14th and Broadway on Tuesday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.