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Here In Oakland

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August 10, 2013

Off The Reservation
Saturday. To bed before ten, up with the alarm, off to breakfast and back without incident, not that we expect or experience incidents. Overcast and cool, but not overly cool. We'll survive.

I finally gave in to the Times and committed to receiving the paper on the weekends as well as weekly and the first paper arrived this morning. Makes for more reading on what is usually a skimpy paper Saturday with but the Chronicle and the Tribune, but I'm not sure this won't lead to an overdone Sunday. What I've seen of the New York Times sitting on other doorsteps on a Sunday morning makes me think their Sunday paper isn't as large as it once was, but we'll know more tomorrow.

Later. Why I took a bus under this overcast sky just to take a picture or two of the Latham Square area, see what it looked like after they'd finished up yesterday, I do not know, but it was more than enough to get me out the door without complaining. And indeed, there it was, a two minute walk through it to take some eight pictures, none of them particularly interesting, before taking a bus to the Grand Lake farmers market and then walk on to the usual place for ice cream and a lemonade out on their patio.

A walk back to the apartment, passing the Women in Black and taking a couple of pictures, another picture at the farmers market and then on home, catching some tourists Segwaying along the lake in hazmat vests to protect them, no doubt, from any potential native contamination.

Now, now. You've taken this tour and enjoyed it.

I did. Saw parts of the city I didn't even know existed and learned to ride a Segway. A good time, the things are fun.

Later still. A nap. A nice nap and some futzing around on the web.

Evening. Nothing on television, half the various PBS channels have seemingly been stuck in terminal fund raising drives over these last weeks, spent time on the guitar and watched a Netflix movie or three, not getting more than fifteen minutes into any one of them. I've not heard that any of the old film freak friends I knew back in the days are experiencing this particular problem and they still seem to consume films like popcorn.

Maybe they've failed to achieve your level of enlightenment.

That's generally not the way these questions are eventually answered. The simpler and more likely explanation is you're the old Indian who's lost his bearings and wandered off the reservation.

The photo up top was taken at a demonstration against long term solitary confinement at 14th and Broadway on Tuesday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.