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August 14, 2013

Anything for Tomorrow
Wednesday. To bed last night just after nine, sensible after a long day of feeling both spaced and tired, but then watching the first half of a samurai something or other from Netflix on the iPad. Not sensible to the point of being stupid one might say. I'd say, anyway.

Up at nine to walk to breakfast and back on a sunny morning, none of the overcast that makes this area so livable in the summer. Not too warm yet, a walk back to the apartment to look at yesterday's entry (wincing), finishing edits and such well after eleven, to bed for a nap to see if the batteries couldn't be recharged, the head put in some reasonable place before heading out and documenting what's now happening at the Latham Square project with, one hopes, better photographs than we've been delivering.

Later. The head is clearer as I sit here at just after two in the afternoon, working on the Latham Square pictures. Earlier, though, it was a challenge.

A bus downtown after debating whether or not to take two cameras, the second camera with the long lens - the primary camera I use when taking candid portraits - in the backpack. No. This was not an “event” that lent itself to candid closeups, so just the one camera with the 24-120mm all purpose lens. And it's bulky. And heavy.

I found they'd been been making progress. One of the managers came over and thanked me for documenting the project. My thanks to her and her crew for putting up with an unknown photographer these last few days hovering on their periphery. Probably better if I'd gotten closer, taken more candids, but you learn as you go.

Lunch in the Rotunda building, a Chinese chicken salad. Quite good. Anything counts as quite good that I can get it down with some semblance of enthusiasm anymore.

Maybe step back from the fuzzy headed tired feeling and gain some perspective. Maybe it's here to stay. Maybe it has something to do with the sinuses, the sinuses screwed up by that operation, yes, but also reacting for the first time to pollen? Not something I've been sensitive to before, but then I was never sensitive to cat dandruff either and now look at where we've landed. And again, well, age.

Still, better now, the early morning more like yesterday, we'll (as said) step back and think about it. These are the cartoon stories you hear about growing older and all my whinging could be over some common permutation of what not unusually happens. You hear stories about being tired, dozing, sitting out at a bench in the sun. I hadn't thought about “tired” being divorced from, say, tired muscles as it seems it is. I don't huff and puff going up hills, but tired is still the description of the feeling, even on a day as nice as this.

Except now you're coming around?

Better. I may go out later and take more pictures as the project is close to being finished and they're ramping up their effort. Best to catch images in as many stage as possible, some tomorrow and Friday maybe with the long lens camera. Certainly for the kick off celebration they're holding on Friday.

Evening. Finished the photographs and posted them to HereInOakland and artandlife. One more day of shooting tomorrow and then whatever they have scheduled on Friday.

The saccharine Don Mateo at six, so we skipped it. Solemn faces and slap stick Italian humor don't work in this head: tired, fuzzy or straight. We've always played at being hip (in our imagination, at least) and can't give in without severe damage to our self image.

The head is better now, the not uncommon turn around come the evening, feeling way better than I did all of yesterday and earlier today. We'll see if this predicts anything for tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken yesterday down the street at Grand and Euclid with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.