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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 16, 2013

Editor To Please
Friday. To bed before ten. My, my. Up with the alarm feeling pretty good, so off to breakfast and back by eight, catching the 8:40 bus downtown to look over Latham Square, yesterday the lady having suggested I come by to photograph the inspection. What can I say? I'm a sucker for inspections.

Not much to it, I'm afraid, a group of five or six people assembling and going from one planter/seating section to the next with a check list of some kind in hand. I was pretty sure I'd gotten what pictures I could, so I left after a half hour's shooting. Or was it an hour? Happening this morning, hard to remember.

Back to the apartment by nine-thirty to download and then work on the photographs, surprised to find I may have gotten enough for a full section of twenty-one in the short period I gave myself to shoot. Curious in that many I was considering usable were photographs of the arrangement of the seats and such without the people and faces I normally prefer.

Another bus downtown at eleven-thirty, the ceremony scheduled for noon, finding the various planters and seating arrangements having been moved in my absence to their final positions, a small temporary stage and sound system having been set up for the speakers along with tables and catered food for a buffet lunch.

Quite low key, just people seemingly coming together from out of nowhere to congregate, listen to a four piece band playing in the background, a line forming at the buffet and finally speeches by various secondary members of the city government. So we shot pictures until we were done and caught a bus home.

Later. A long session with (what else?) the photographs. Two sections in total today, something I wasn't expecting, one or two of the images good, the rest falling in that grey area in between. I must admit shooting this thing has made me think again about what it is I do shoot, where it sits at the moment and where it might possibly go in the time I have left in being able to get out and about.

Evening. Nothing I wanted to watch at six, Democracy Now while futzing with the guitar. Not enough time today on the guitar, we'll see how it goes over the weekend without anything on the calendar to photograph. Most of the time this evening was spent preparing the photographs for HereInOakland and artandlife.

To bed early again, this day with a decent night's sleep having gone well, no question about taking the back pack and two cameras out earlier on site, the long lens camera clearly my instrument of choice.

Doesn't matter if it's a parade or a festival or a Latham Square pilot: all the pictures are essentially candid portraits, the various venues chosen for the opportunities they offer to more easily find scout them out, no client to answer to, no editor to please but yourself.

The photo up top was taken at Latham Square today with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-120mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.