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August 17, 2013

Telegraph And 17th
Saturday. There was something or other on television last night that lasted until after ten, so to bed a little later than I say I'd like, but awake before the alarm to head off and back from breakfast to cobble together whatever I could out of yesterday's entry. A long day of shooting and preparing photographs (I don't think of yesterday as work, as such, just a day's activities) squeezes your time for a journal and guitar practice. Although I did get in some guitar practice.

A sunny morning, t-shirt weather from the look of it. Maybe a short lie down on the bed for a while (whatever it is I call a nap) before heading outside to go by the Broadway ATM, check the pharmacy to see if my two refills were ready and take a look at what is now an operational Latham Square. We've probably had enough of Latham Square.

Later. Wasn't able to manage a nap, so a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk through the almost empty Latham Square to the pharmacy, where they had only one of the prescriptions ready for pick up. We'll go next week and add on a flu shot. I'm good about getting flu shots. Have no idea if they work or not.

Something going on in front of the City Hall that involved children, lots of children, so we took a picture and walked farther on to the City Center for a bagel and coffee. Not sure why a bagel. I wasn't hungry, but it did kill time before the next bus was due to arrive. Home now to take another crack at a nap.

Later still. A nap. Of sorts. A walk then on over by the lake and then through the farmers market to the morning restaurant to have ice cream and a lemonade out at a table, the sky still overcast with the occasional ray of sun. A walk straight back to the apartment to take another nap, no stopping to sit on a bench by the lake.

Thus the day has gone. The sinuses funky, nothing really over the top, but I've had all the ambition of a something that finds thinking or moving an alien concept. We'll see if it doesn't clear up as the evening approaches (in less than an hour).

Evening. I may have to come up with something other than television for the evenings, this evening another bust. Ah, well. Some guitar, but not enough.

I followed an Oakland link on Twitter to the local Tribune to a very short story about a shooting on Telegraph Avenue around 17th Street at four this afternoon. Four people shot, none of them dead, but one seriously wounded.

Latham Square, where I was four hours earlier, is located something like two hundred feet from 17th, I've walked along this very stretch too many times to count. It's near the Fox theater, know it well. Makes you think, sitting here on a Saturday evening in August, gets through the fog and grabs your attention, it does.

If you look at the picture behind the Sole Proprietor's title above, taken from Latham Square, you'll see 17th in the not far distance two very short blocks/traffic lights down the way, just before you get to the big Fox theater sign. A stretch I walk now and again in any given week, sometimes at four in the afternoon. Doodle-dee-doon.

Somebody was targeted? Or somebody became upset, jumped up and started shooting? Any cameras involved? Makes you think again about walking around the downtown with a big visible Nikon brick in your hand or slung over the shoulder. Then again, then again, how long have I been doing this? One reason I'm very careful about taking pictures on the street. Mostly I don't, saving it for the parades and festivals where it's tolerated. He said. Four people. Telegraph. And 17th.

The photo up top was taken at Latham Square yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.