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August 21, 2013

Semblance Of Sanity
Wednesday. To bed just after nine, but watching a Netflix movie on a tablet in bed for while and so lights out to go to sleep at ten. Not bad, happy enough with that.

Up with the alarm to head out to breakfast and back on an overcast morning, the mood good, the head behaving. Once or twice through yesterday's entry to marvel at the three or four very obvious typos and mistakes. Why hadn't they been obvious to me yesterday when they were written? I do go over it more than just once when its written.

Oh, and then a nap.

Later. Fine, lie down for an hour of floating along on a half conscious cloud, up then to take a bus downtown thinking, as we were approaching Broadway, maybe I should go by the ATM this trip rather than wait until tomorrow. Probably a sensible plan, sitting there, feeling comfortable, watching the bus reach the stop and then pass right on by without stopping. And there I was wondering why I'd let that happen. Ah, well. Not the first time.

Off the bus at Latham Square because I'm obviously going to be beating this to death after shooting its construction (think morning pandoreas), a walk then to the pharmacy to stand at the counter to pick up that refill we'd missed last week, the two pharmacists working at the other end of the pharmacy not ignoring me, but then again not paying any attention to the pickup counter.

Finally one looked up and noted my presence to her companion, who heard, but didn't look up and continued with whatever she was doing. So I left and went over to the City Center to have a cup of coffee and a pastry out at a table to watch the people pass by.

I wasn't so much cranky as thinking at the time, well, I wasn't wearing a jacket with a large enough pocket to put the prescription container in, didn't want to carry a bag that would get in the way of managing the camera so (what the hell?) why not just return tomorrow? Or Friday? We've got enough of the stuff to get through the weekend.

I still detect old coot crankiness in there somewhere.

A bit, but I know when I'm feeling cranky and that it's my problem, not something I can blame on the world.

Anyway, a walk then back to the ATM, no need to put it off until tomorrow and then a short walk across the street to Grand to wait for the bus. A good morning, a decent outing in shirt sleeves, just warm enough to be comfortable, probably better if I'd worn a jacket. No complaints. Other than, you know, the touch of cranky.

Later still. Al Jazeera English is no longer broadcast at four in the afternoons on the channel I'm able to receive over the air. Al Jazeera America has replaced it, but it's only available through one of the cable channels, the logical choice in my case AT&T U-verse as I use their connection for the Internet. Pain in the butt, but not enough pain to pop for the $29/month to receive it.

There's also some gawd awful number of other channels you'd get for your 29 bucks.

True, but then what would I have to bitch about at six when they re-run another Swedish/French detective series with story lines I can't remember?

One thing, though. I've gotten in a fairly long day of practice (for me, anyway) in by now on the guitar at a time when I usually start the session. Same yesterday, oddly enough. We'll see if it lasts through the weekend. Mentioning it has probably lost any chance of success.

Evening. Trudged through the Korean Wednesday-Thursday soap and trudged is the word. It would be forty percent shorter if they didn't repeat so much of it through flashbacks, another twenty percent reduction if they eliminated some of the long pregnant pauses, but then I'm being picky. There are other things I could be watching. I know this, but somehow it doesn't register.

I did start the Keven Spacey Netflix series House of Cards though, watching the first two hour long episodes. My, my. Two episodes was enough of the human condition for an evening, we'll get to the rest of them in time. Yes, interesting, quite good, every character an over the top archetype, but thereby wearing on the psyche and soul. I'm sure I'll go through them like popcorn.

To bed reasonably early again this evening. Try to maintain some semblance of sanity, maintain some reasonable chance for a decent night's sleep.

The photo up top was taken of 15th Street near Telegraph last week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.