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August 22, 2013

Why I Like It
Thursday. To bed by ten, to sleep by, well, I can't tell as I do remember looking up at the clock and seeing times like eleven and twelve. I assume I was half asleep during the time in between, but I'm not sure how that counts, exactly, in the definition of “sleep”.

Up before the alarm to head to breakfast on an overcast morning at six, still overcast as I look out the window at nine. Arriving a bit early gave me the time and ambition to fill the gas tank on the way home and then on to the supermarket to replenish almost everything and adding two of the small bottles of sake. Two drinks in a month, I'm afraid, is high living around here anymore.

We'll try a nap and then see about picking up that prescription, get the flu shot, either one of which is an excuse good enough to get us out the door.

Later. An hour's nap, getting up to a sunny late morning, so a bus downtown to get off at Latham Square, take a picture, have lunch in the Rotunda building (a nice Chinese chicken salad of some kind) and then a walk to the pharmacy to pick up that last prescription refill and get the flu shot.

Leaving the pharmacy I was thinking of going over to the City Center to have a cup of coffee out at a table. Why go back home when the weather was so nice and I really hadn't had a chance to look around? For whatever reason I decided to take a bus home and walked along Grand, thinking I had five minutes before the bus was due to arrive and so I'd catch it at a stop farther up the road. Better to walk than to stand waiting.

Except it didn't come. Same thing happened to that bus (in the same time slot) earlier this week. Better to have gotten that cup of coffee. Anyway, a walk the rest of the way home, stopping to pick up an ice cream cone. Hungry this morning and noon. We're allowed.

A nap then for another hour. I suspect I need to get to bed by nine in the evenings if I'm going to get up at six in the morning to get enough sleep, not really sure that will be a solution.

Later still. A good start on the guitar, we'll make it three good days in a row by evening. So far no problem, it's just been happening. Why I don't know.

Watched the interview with Bradley Manning's lawyer on Democracy Now, interesting, well worth the time and effort. The Swedish thing at six was a repeat as they've all been repeats. Summer? I guess they still have seasons. Maybe we'll get something new come the fall.

No way I'm not going to watch the Wednesday-Thursday Korean thing when it comes on, but then I suspect we'll follow up with another chapter of House of Cards. From the devil to the deep blue sea or some phrase similarly icky. To bed at nine? As I said? I have no confidence until I've actually done it, won't know until tomorrow.

Evening. The Korean set in ancient times soap, well, I did watch it. No differences from the earlier chapters, the characters indulging in long deep silent looks complete with flashbacks for emphasis before chopping one and another's head off, soliloquies allowed to go on forever in the middle of the action. Not sure if its a cultural difference or what. Would have been interesting to have seen my reaction had I seen it in say the fifties. But we watched. No excuses.

Got maybe ten minutes into the third House of Cards episode before turning to another movie on Netflix, got into it for a good fifteen minutes before realizing I'd most likely seen it before, much like the various detective stories I've seen before, but can't remember their endings. At least I'm consistent.

Makes me wonder what's going with me when I'm watching one of these things for the first time, whether I'm really there, whether this has always been a problem. At least it's a problem that hasn't shown why it should be a problem. Let's hope there are no surprises coming, these being the early symptoms of some coming horrible Forgotten Detective Syndrome, exhaustively described in all of the better psychological studies.

The two glasses of sake are making their way through the system. Feels good. Reminds me why I like it.

The photo up top was taken during the construction of Latham Square with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.