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Here In Oakland

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August 23, 2013

Woods Of Oakland
Friday. I did get to bed just after nine - lights out, radio off by nine-thirty, to sleep not that long after - although I did wake up three or four times during the night with sore muscles from sleeping on my side without turning and got up to take a pee. Weird. When did I stop moving while asleep? Or am I mistaken? Could be. Not for the first time.

Anyway, up half an hour after the alarm, off to breakfast running that half hour late and so feeding the meter to give me the needed thirty minutes.

Naturally I then finished at eight, no need for those thirty minutes, and went back home under an overcast morning to look at yesterday's entry. Better to have spent more time editing, but it's always been better to have spent more time on yesterday's entry. Whatever it is we're doing with this, there don't seem to be any sign posts, we're whinging winging it.

Later. A bus downtown to take another walk through Latham Square. The Oakland Public Works unit that developed the site has asked me to use some of the HereInOakland photographs for their own web site, so I'm happy with that.

A raspberry shortcake cookie and coffee at the Rotunda building before walking over to the City Center (still quite overcast, a bit cold in a jacket making sitting outside not very inviting) so a walk on to Washington Street in the Old Oakland area remembering, as I was approaching, this was farmers market Friday and it was indeed in full swing.

Something else was in full swing at the Marriott Convention Center as there was a line that extended the entire length of the block. No idea what was going on inside and didn't have the gumption to ask.

Looked at the watch, saw I'd missed the bus by a minute, figured what the hell, there had to be a way to make this walk a little different from all the others I've been making, so walked over to the Asian Cultural Center as I haven't been there in a while and a raspberry cookie and coffee (as you well know) deserves an ice cream cone chaser discovering, when I arrived, they'd made changes.

For one, there were Koi swimming in the fountain. My, my. I seemed to recall some work they'd been doing on the fountain the last time I'd visited, maybe it had to do with the Koi. There were also decorative plants (Some significance to these? A holiday of some kind?) placed in the fountain itself and so I took pictures.

Pretty exciting stuff for just another ordinary trip downtown, so a walk back along another less traveled street heading for the bus back home for a by now needed nap.

Evening. It turned out to be a two and a half hour nap, that nap. Not sure why so long, but there was actual sleep involved. At least the sun was out when I awoke.

The Italian set in World War II detective series was playing at six, probably a repeat, but I'm not much into a good cop who goes after the bad guys no matter the local politics where his bosses are fascists who work for Mussolini. The home grown regular go along to get along with the local political establishment conceit in half of detective fiction anymore is bad enough.

Another Dalziel and Pasco, the usual two part episode that runs on Fridays from eight to nine forty-five. Interesting series in that you're are indeed offended by the Dalziel character - loud, drinks, plays with the other characters - but realize it's used as a major element in the story line, part of what makes the thing a little different. Ah, well. To bed later than I've been saying I like, probably a defect in character, here in the north woods of Oakland.

The photo up top was taken next door to the Awaken Café on Broadway this week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.