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August 25, 2013

Early. Hup.
Sunday. To bed before ten, no need to set the alarm for a Sunday, so up at six-thirty to head over to breakfast, the sky overcast but looking like sun later in the morning. For some reason all three papers were larger than usual, particularly the Times, so back somewhat later to look over yesterday's entry, realize I wasn't clear headed enough to edit and so took a couple of hour nap to then get up again and finish the editing and posting.

Just a brief period of “funkiness”, nothing eaten out of the ordinary for breakfast (plain waffle with fruit) that you'd think might have caused it, but it was indeed not overly strong and passed quickly by (me-oh-my). Still, gives you pause after reading an article earlier by a woman suffering from some kind of auto-immune disorder.

Her symptoms, some similar to mine but others way more over the top than any I've been experiencing, were sobering in that she said something like fifty million people in the U.S. were suffering under them. Fifty million, more women than men, no comment on the ages involved, although you'd think they'd come on later in life, is something like one in seven. Hmm. She too talked diet.

More Chinatown StreetFest today, though. We're definitely up for it,.

Later. An easy enough get out the door and onto a bus heading downtown for a StreetFest that was well underway when I arrived. Maybe an hour's shooting this time, pausing again for an ice cream cone at the Asian Cultural Center, but many fewer pictures pooping out early. Just like that. Maybe two days of shooting in a row is too many, maybe it was much warmer this time, even in just a t-shirt, maybe I'm just babbling and the Fates are not with us.

Were the pictures I used to replace some and add between the thumbnail links any better than the ones they replaced? Who knows. Two were tossed for being muddy where I was unable to correct for the bright sun, others for, well aesthetics. My aesthetics. One is of a subject I've photographed in the past, he's shown up at these and other festivals in the area over this last decade.

What I hadn't realized was he's evidently preaching against Falun Gong, the English phrase on the sign under the Chinese characters says: “Instigating hatred and wars, Falun Gong = sanctimo'ly evil”. He was babbling on in English to passers by, babbling “sanctimo'ly” on, one might say, some part of it coherent.

Later still. So far, so good. Converted the StreetFest section on HereInOakland and sent it to artandlife, correcting the various headings on the earlier year menus where I'd spelled StreetFest as Street Fest. Either I made a mistake when I first put them together or the promoters changed the spelling to something “more modern” in the interval. I wouldn't bet it wasn't my error, we do pay attention to the various bits of wreckage we've been leaving behind.

Evening. Ah, well. An interesting Moyers & Company outlining the decline of the empire, some time on the guitar, but not enough and now, I think to bed. Early. Hup.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Chinatown StreetFest yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.