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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 1, 2014


Friday. A little slow getting up after the alarm had gone off, but out the door in time to take care of breakfast and return by eight. I did get to bed early, did get to sleep early, so the day should go reasonably well. I'd think. Hard to be sure. Too many odd happenings these days, often before lunch.

A quick walk down by the construction site, nothing really going on other than their excavating what I assume is the pedestrian entrance along Grand. All of two pictures and none attempted over at the lake.

Back to the apartment to lie down and listen to the various descriptions of the Gaza conflagration as described by the public broadcast stations, their news divisions and the BBC. Tired, the left knee aching (what did I do to the left knee: wouldn't I have remembered banging it up against something?), the sun shining and bombs dropping on a place I've only read about in newspapers, heard about on the radio and watched on TV.

There are also those pictures on Twitter and the web.

The big problem, those pictures on Twitter and on the web.

Later. Houston, we have a limp. I suspect we're not going to take a camera over to First Friday on Broadway later, something I've managed to not do many times now, with or without a limp. It won't stop me going to Art & Soul tomorrow, we can still take pictures dragging a leg. No discoloration, not sure what happened to it, but it's one of those things that go away before too long. Say by Monday?

Evening. Oh, dear, the gimpy leg is still gimpy. Gimpier. We'll see how that plays out tomorrow.

New Tricks followed by Midsomer Murders this evening, so there's stuff to watch as we practice guitar. Don't want to stay up any later than ten. He said. Again.

The photo up top was taken nine years ago with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 17-55mm f/2.8 AF Nikkor lens.