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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 2, 2014

On The Radio

Saturday. And so to bed early last night, the Midsomer Murders following pretty true to form, crazy people doing evil things in large stately homes with well manicured lawns. One is meant to believe these thing happen, one assumes, in England.

Up a good half hour after the alarm, getting up slowly, the left leg (the left knee, really) aching as much if not more than it had last night, no walking down the stairs to head out for breakfast, but waiting on the elevator. Probably not a good sign for Art & Soul later? Maybe not.

I suspect if I were to find a piece of software that would count the number of times I've used the word “tired” in this journal, or “feeling tired”, even I would sit silently for a moment. But tired I was after breakfast, lying down on the bed to listen to this and that on the radio, drifting off to somewhere on the path to sleep. Still, morning, a large breakfast, the weight under one fifty-five again on the scale, up to pack the one camera in the backpack and to check on the bus with the smartphone app.

And a bus downtown. Walking down the hill to the bus stop was a slow routine, the left knee again, but not so bad once I was on the flat. A limp, yes, but not so bad. I said. More than once.

Through the gate into Art & Soul, not so many people at half past noon, but it's always thus. I tend to come too early, have for these last many years certainly, at Art & Soul.

A walk over to the main stage where they had some kind of free form dancing competition going on (The Turf & All Styles Dance Battle), a line of judges and a group of dancers who'd come to this contest from as far as Chicago. At least that was the idea I had listening to the M.C. as I was sitting down.

Pictures. Too many pictures of people dancing from a less than optimal position. My fault. They emphasized it was pretty much OK to sit or stand anywhere we wanted and I could have gotten closer. Maybe think about that tomorrow.

More pictures of the contestants, this group, the first section of the contest, for local “walk-ins”, people who hadn't been invited, but wanted a chance at getting into the finals. Nice to be sitting down, at least.

A quick walk through the blocked off streets. They hadn't included the City Center in the Art & Soul area this time, the place I usually like to sit and eat lunch, and so I got the hand stamped for re-entry, walked over to the bagel shop and had coffee and a fruit cup. No thought to have any barbecue from any of the stands, no thought to try some of the barbecue during the barbecue competition starting later in the afternoon. No thought, no hunger. Which is too bad.

Some time at the blues stage, a walk then to the bus stop, the left leg/knee feeling pretty good, a slight limp, but nothing like it was this morning. Hmm. Have no idea.

Home now to look at the pictures. Not nearly enough for a section, but more than enough of the dancers. Too many of the same people is the problem, I like to have different people behind each of the menu thumbnails.


And so we start on the pictures, see what we've been able to find.

Evening. Photographs, some guitar and no television. Thus it seems to be on a Sunday evening. And tired. To bed not long after eight, maybe look at the tablet, maybe just go to sleep unless there's something to listen to on the radio.

The photo up top was taken last week at the apartment house construction site with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.