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August 8, 2014

Too Much

Friday. Up some thirty minutes after the alarm, the sock going on the left foot without any real problem. Touchy, had to handle it delicately, but much easier than it was yesterday morning and so off to breakfast without too much trepidation. The leg is more flexible, much easier to sit in a chair, although still sore. Not painful, but sore. Sore is better. We're into better this week, we are.

Fed a dollar into the meter, took the picture above as I was leaving - no choice there, had to raise the camera and take the picture - a cheese omelet, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, still one-fifty on the scale. My sister says that's too thin, but the balance seems right. Not that at this age I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror.

And you're never wrong?

Only at night with a couple of drinks down the gullet. I do listen, I just don't always avoid making mistakes. We'll stay at one-fifty, no need at this age to maintain a barrier to keep the world at bay.

Later. Another walk by the construction site to take a series of pictures, some along Grand, some from up on the far side that runs along Bellevue and one (of course) taken at the bottom of my hill. The knee didn't really complain, I took it easy and judge it was a better outing than yesterday's picture taking walk. No complaints.

It's now noon. I need to go by an ATM, but not necessarily today, not necessarily taking a bus to Grand or a walk to Lakeshore, thinking of the knee. I could do it, but why take chances? On the way to breakfast tomorrow morning, go by the Lakeshore ATM in the car. We'll see. There's still an afternoon out there to encourage/facilitate bad decisions.

Later still. A walk to the bus stop, deciding to take the bus to Broadway and walk to the ATM near the stop. Not a lot of walking involved in doing that. Catch the bus back either to the apartment or to the morning café for lunch, again not much walking required, take the bus back home if necessary. Standing at the stop, the smartphone saying it was due in three minutes, deciding to blow it off and take care of the ATM in the morning. Drive in the morning.

No particular idea why, that's just the way it played itself out. Not for the first time. Not hungry, although I should be at two in the afternoon, we'll eat whatever we have in the apartment for lunch and then have spaghetti with clam sauce for dinner. Hmm. There seems to be a repeating pattern here, actions and rationalizations.

Nothing I've been able to watch on Netflix for some time, I suspect I've seen too many movies in this life and find I'm even put off by the short blurbs that describe them. Too many serial killers, child molesters, put upon recent ex-army guys just back from Afghanistan, cheerleaders under duress and the like. I'm sure this is me, couldn't be anything else. Certainly not. Sliding away ever more rapidly from current pop consumer culture.

Evening. Worked with a software upgrade for the film scanner late in the afternoon and managed to pull a picture or two from old, really thin, black and white Tri-X negatives and to work more successfully with one or two taken with color. Nice.

Another New Tricks followed by a two part Midsomer Murders evening, both of which I enjoyed. The Midsomer Murders followed form, a totally unbelievable plot set in large manor houses with well kept lawns, but enjoyable enough when your knee isn't acting up. Too much.

The photo up top was taken leaving the café after breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.