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August 9, 2014

Sleep Whenever

Saturday. To bed reasonably early, not sure how long it took to get to sleep, but awake with the alarm and then up maybe twenty minutes later to shave and such before heading out to breakfast, the knee bending in ways unimaginable in recent days. Without pain. Getting into the car, for example, less project and more habit. Good.

And yes, a drive by the Lakeshore ATM on the way to breakfast, a very minor detour that seems larger and more complicated, at least in the way I describe my making the decision. Go today or drive tomorrow morning? Not unlike having a long internal conversation over changing the TV channel, is it not? Such is life. This life.

To breakfast (a change: a regular waffle with butter and syrup along with two strips of bacon, a fruit cup and coffee) and then back home. A marathon next weekend. Bellevue? How is that going to work? We'll investigate, see if we can't take pictures.

The morning quite overcast, the day ahead. There's the big Lands End concert going on in San Francisco and so I suppose there's not much happening in the way of other events in the area. Probably for the best not to push the knee. It bends, but it's still sore and reminds me now and again I need to be careful.

Later. Still quite overcast, but a walk over to the lake in a long sleeved shirt. Cold out there in a long sleeved shirt and so a picture of hardier souls out on the lake and a picture of the small collection of Capoeira dancers working out in front of the pergola before heading back to the apartment.

Later, having added a sweater, a bus downtown, the final decision to take the bus being made a minute before it arrived at the stop, but feeling better after a mixed fruit cup and coffee (with sugar) out in front of the bagel shop in the City Center.

A walk back to Grand to catch the bus. Our exercise for the day, now we'll see what the knee has to say. Doesn't feel different: still sore, but moving and bending well. But then you never know and, when you do, you still don't.

Mid-afternoon now, maybe take another look at this new scanner software.

Evening. Sampled an odd mix of television programs, dipping into one or two on the major broadcast channels I've managed to successfully avoid these many years, finding nothing to keep me up and so went to bed not long after eight.

Tried a series called Grimm on the tablet from Amazon, “Grimm” as in Grimm's Fairy Tales, and this seems to have entertained me for its first two episodes. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm obviously spinning my wheels if I'm talking about this kind of stuff. Still, some time on the guitar (not nearly enough), the knee seemingly better, to bed early and to sleep whenever.

The photo up top was taken of Dave Sheridan at the Rip Off Press in early seventies San Francisco with a Canon 35mm film camera that I can no longer remember its model number or lens.