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August 10, 2014

No Regrets

Sunday. The knee is better. It is. I almost have full movement, no soreness or pain when bending the leg or doing the usual things you do when you're up and conscious. Still a little sore, but sporadically, something we'll talk with the doctor about when we go over the results of those blood tests they took well over a week back. If we ever do, that is. Discuss those results.

Anyway, too much time watching the Grimm thing last night on the tablet and so it was hard to get to sleep. Awake and up at six-thirty, no need to set an alarm for a Sunday morning, off to breakfast and then running by the supermarket on the way back. Bought my first two small single serving bottles of sake in how long? Was that bottle of Corona at the family party the last time I've had or even thought about having a drink? Has the world changed to such a degree? Seems.

Overcast, but they're staging an Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural Unveiling over on 26th Street between Telegraph and Broadway today later at one, something easy to get to and probably worth photographing. Supporting the Palestinians in Gaza. We'll go unless something unexpected comes along. Not sure what it could be (unless it relates to the knee), but we've learned to allow for such things through recent experience.

Later. A bus to Broadway and then a walk to 26th Street to see what this mural unveiling was about. Up Broadway to 26th, the parked police car indicating they weren't taking any chances, my remembering the large number of police cars that had been parked at the small and peaceful We Are All Gaza March around the lake two weekends back. This was a mural opening and not a “march” but, I suspect, if I were the mayor (or the police chief) I too would have opted for the careful approach. At my age I'm not looking for trouble.

You weren't much up for trouble when you were twenty.

Some things even the young can get right.

The mural had been painted on the side of a building across from a gallery showing Palestinian art in an Auto Body shop, the blurb saying the gallery art was all created in response to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I must admit to taking it easy with the walking and didn't put the effort into the pictures I otherwise might/should, but a good afternoon, leaving around one, although the opening event didn't close until four. So I suspect I missed a larger crowd and some of the advertised events.

A walk back to Grand to catch the bus, the knee feeling just fine, catching the bus and getting off at the apartment. Not hungry, although it was after two, a brief nap, a look through the pictures and then another look at Grimm on the tablet. I have a hunch I'm not going to last all that much longer with Grimm. There's only so much you can do with fairy tale monsters in a never ending beast kills man/woman, cop retaliates by killing monster plot.

Tired now, I've had one of the two small bottles of sake and I suspect I'll eventually get to the second. Not bad, not good. I suspect it has something to do with the now more often foggy brain. No desire to add more fog. Or something like that.

Evening. Tired. Nothing on television, they're still raising money on the PBS stations, too many fifties rock and roll specials (boy howdy, but how long ago was that?). I still like the songs, but the presentation isn't any better than it was when the mainstream was reporting on them in the decade itself. (IMHO)

To bed early to undoubtedly check out whatever on the tablet again before sleep. That second bottle of sake has smoothed the edges: no regrets.

The photo up top was taken at the art gallery across from the Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural Unveiling with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.