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Here In Oakland

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August 21, 2014

Morning At Ten

Thursday. I guess, if I really wanted to ratchet up all the daily excitement I've managed to pack into this journal, I could pad it with detailed descriptions of the clothes I have hanging in the closet, my take on the many pairs of socks I have sitting in the sock drawer and augment my gasoline price change observations with daily air temperature readings as they vary outside my window. I could.

I take it even you're experiencing severe boredom with this ongoing list of lesser aches, pains and maladies?

I'm thinking a list of ailments - the condition of the sinuses, blood sugar deficiencies, gall stones and knee quirks - augmented by a never ending series of construction site pictures are possibly not the most interesting, stimulating thoughts/pictures/excitement one can devote oneself to posting online. Or off line. I occasionally suggest all this may work as a psychological study at some future date on creeping dementia/depression/photography in a body and brain as they gain in age.

At least the sun is out earlier this morning.

We have these little periods where what we're doing here seems weird. They pass.

Later. Some rest while listening to the radio in bed. Up to take the bus downtown after reading an Oakland tweet that said something was happening in front of the City Hall again. Something happening at City Hall is a useful excuse to get me up and out with a camera, thinking, in this instance: pictures, coffee and a box of Good & Plenty at a table in the City Center would be a good fall back position if it turned out there was nothing going on to photograph. And so that's what I did.


Nothing going on in front of the City Hall. More private security walking about on the sidewalks than I've seen in a long time, a couple of empty police cars parked conspicuously near the corner of 12th Street and Broadway, but otherwise no one about. Which was fine. I figured if they were going to demonstrate again (as they did yesterday at five) they'd wait until after work. I just needed an excuse to get my tail in gear.

Evening. A number of sessions on the guitar. The riff I've been working on for what seems like forever is finally coming together. Just when you think it's hopeless, it suddenly happens and you again understand what it really takes to play. Enlightenment by Fender.

A decent day, no ambition to do anything, watched some things on Netflix and Amazon of no particular note, to bed early for no reason other than I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning at ten.

The photo up top was taken of the apartment house construction site this morning along Grand with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.