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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 22, 2014


Friday. Turned the radio off after the on the hour six minute news program at ten last night, to sleep whenever. Hard to say. Up no more times than usual to take a leak, turn over, do whatever it is that causes me to awaken during the night before the alarm went off and consciousness came. Felt pretty good, the world assembling in good order without too much delay before heading for breakfast. No thought to go by the supermarket on the way home and so parked right in front of the restaurant. The day has started as most days have started now for these last six years. No complaints.

It's been that long.


A dentist appointment at ten, they seem to be having me come every four months for a cleaning lately. I suspect that's more often than necessary, but we'll hold with their program. Nice to still have teeth.

You're blathering again.

At least the sun seems to be appearing earlier this morning. Hasn't recently.

Later. An easy enough ride to the dentist's office, the hygienist taking an x-ray of my upper teeth and asking me about the aching sinus-palate, how long has it been going on? I've mentioned this to them many times in the past, of course. Maybe they're updating their record keeping, adding data they've talked to me about, but have never before entered into the program. They seem to use all the latest data keeping tools and, for that matter, market all of the optional things you can have done to brighten/straighten your mouth and teeth.

Anyway, a recommendation to see an oral surgeon. We'll see. Driving back to the apartment, the mouth acting weird and dry after the cleaning, the vision slightly off having trouble resolving objects with both eyes. For a brief period I was closing one eye or the other as I was driving. Haven't had this happen before, don't want to be driving with but one eye, although the seeing with one eye was quite stable and clear.

Thirty minutes lying down seems to have taken care of whatever was going on, maybe that avocado and cheese omelet for breakfast. We'll do a plain waffle and sliced fruit tomorrow.

Later. Lunch down the way at Coffee With A Beat at a table out in front on the sidewalk on Perkins, a tuna fish sandwich and coffee. They make a really good tuna fish sandwich. They do. Well worth the five bucks. Not sure why I don't eat there more often.

The usual set of photographs at the construction site on the way to lunch, no desire to go downtown, maybe just stay inside now, practice guitar and listen to the afternoon news programs on television.

Evening. Another pretty good evening, the head in balance, the attitude good, one or two things on television I was able to watch and getting in enough time on the guitar. Fridays are good for television, not so much for the brilliance of the entertainment (crappy guitar and watchable television) as more my seeming ability to watch New Tricks and Midsomer Murders straight through without appreciable damage (to one's self image). We are easier to please than we imagine.

To bed before ten, nothing I wanted to watch on the tablet. Tomorrow we'll be more careful about what we eat in the morning, noon and evening; see if that doesn't have an effect on the dry mouth/sinus-palate/weird vision nonsense.

The photo up top was taken on the way to the car after breakfast with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.