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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 23, 2014

Out The Door

Saturday. The usual routine: lights out at ten, up three times to take a leak, awakened by the alarm, the cobwebs clearing by the time the hourly six minute news broadcast had finished on the radio. Off to breakfast on another overcast morning, the local Oakland Chinatown StreetFest today and tomorrow. Looks like a good weekend.

I did park across the street from the morning restaurant again in order to point the car at the supermarket when I left and followed through this time and drove on to the supermarket. No traffic on an early Saturday morning, an easy walk through the store to pick up this and that (but no sake or sharp cheddar cheese), no line at the checkout counter and so easily on and out the door. Home in good fettle. He said. How long has it been now getting it together to go by a local supermarket?

And so the local StreetFest later.

It hasn't been easy to get the kind of photographs I'm after at this one, but we haven't been coming up with many pictures lately and I'm thinking I'd like to post more than just one miserable twenty or so photograph section this time around.

Later. OK, prepared the headings and initial web pages for the StreetFest photographs before catching the bus downtown at eleven-thirty with the two cameras in tow, a walk to the festival well underway at noon. Two hours later I caught a bus and returned, tired, but in a good enough mood. Two hours seems to be my limit.

And how did I do? Enough for but half a section, eleven photographs of any merit and they were a stretch, my idea of putting together two or more sections down the drain if I can't ramp it up and do better tomorrow. I guess this shouldn't have been a surprise given my history with this festival in past outings. We'll think about it, we'll sleep on it and we'll go after gold again (hup!) tomorrow.

Evening. Nothing on television and so spent the time lying in bed watching one or two things on the tablet. I have kept to eating nothing but “safe”, non controversial food today and none of the disturbing dry mouth/sinus-palate/vision symptoms have hinted their arrival, let along appeared. Which is good. It is.

I am learning that heading out and photographing an event reliably takes it out of me, tired, no ambition after to pick up a guitar, the time spent processing the pictures and preparing them for posting adding to the general malaise. Not sure what that means for tomorrow, although it's meant a slow day after looking at past events.

Are you setting us up for crapping out?

No, no. Come what may, we'll finish out at least that one section and post it tomorrow. The ego is involved here, one way or another we're out the door.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland 2013 Chinatown StreetFest with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.