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August 27, 2014

Before Nine

Wednesday. To bed early, although I did watch something on the tablet. So much for shielding one's brain from bright not right light before turning in at night. Lights out by ten, but not getting to sleep or, at least, not getting to a deeper sleep until midnight, if my occasional glances at the bedside clock were right. And they were right.

Awake at least twice, but noting this time I was close to lying on my back when I awoke, so maybe yesterday's sleep apnea thoughts were right. I should recognize the symptoms, should I not? Eventually. Clever I, only takes me ten times longer than the norm to figure out.

Awake just before the alarm to get up at six and head off to breakfast, feeling just fine. Feeling as fine as I ever do this early in the morning. I'd taken my blood pressure late yesterday afternoon and then in the evening before and after taking my blood pressure meds. The pressure has been too low for so long I was surprised to see it had gone up. One-sixty over one hundred. It was down this morning, one-ten over seventy, the usual range, but we'll start watching it more closely for the next few days.

There was a news story yesterday (there's occasionally value in listening to all this news), the results of a test showing people who followed their blood pressure at home and self-adjusted their meds did better than those who relied on doctor appointments. Works better with blood thinners as well from what I can tell. OK, we'll watch this more closely from now on.

So let's get our act together and follow through on all these swell thoughts and observations. Might make a difference. Will make a difference if I'm smart enough (or energetic enough) to do the walk as well as the talk.

Over to the construction site to take pictures with a long lens on the camera, running into the foreman when I entered/sneaked into the area on the far Bellevue Avenue side. His daughter is attending college on the east coast majoring in photography and he's shown an interest in what I'm doing when I've run into him in the past.

Rather than suggesting I shouldn't enter the area, as I've been doing at this one particular place in the past, he simply suggested I pick up a hard hat at the office if I wanted in the future to head out onto the site itself for pictures, no problem as long as I had on a hard hat. Hmm. I may rethink how I'm going to follow along with the construction as floors are added and the building gets out of picture range when shooting from the street.

A quick nap feeling much better this morning than I did yesterday morning. Now to see if I take advantage and follow through with rearranging the bed (we'll try that before contacting the doctor again) and the guitar area so we can, um, get in more practice.

Later. They say (the web says) something called a memory foam mattress is good for side sleepers as it supports the entire body with equal pressure on every part and so, of course, I ordered one to see if it wouldn't work. Probably won't, no easy way to dodge the bullet, but something to try. We'll know the result by the end of next week.

A bit tired (again: up and down) and so a nap before a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, the sinus-upper palate acting up, but the day certainly better than it was yesterday. No complaints. A picture of the construction site on the way back.

Time on the guitar, although I still have to start re-arranging the guitar area to make it more player friendly. It will happen.

We'll pick up those two prescription refills tomorrow if only to have a reason to go downtown, maybe have lunch in the City Center. A good long weekend coming up with a local Pride Parade they're having for the first time ending up at the Street Festival they've had in the past. I wasn't feeling well for it last year and took only a few pictures before throwing in the towel. We'll do better this year. We'll not, however, predict the number of sections. Not after StreetFest.

Don't jinx it, now. There's still another five days before it arrives.

Maybe we've devolved into babble to close out what has become a warm (too warm by my lights) Wednesday afternoon well on the way to evening.

Evening. A long session on the guitar going over a strumming pattern I've been avoiding now, for some reason, these last few weeks. A particular sound and rhythm, over and over, so it engraves itself into the brain. More is required. More is always required. Nothing on television otherwise and so to bed before nine.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the Oakland Chinatown StreetFest with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.