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Here In Oakland

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August 28, 2014

Out At Ten

Thursday. To bed early without having picked up the tablet to watch whatever before going to sleep, getting to sleep quite a bit after, I seem to recall, but that's usually the problem case. I'd rearranged the bedding and tried sleeping on the side opposite my usual side, maybe there's a body depression on the usual side that's screwing things up, but I'm not sure it had an effect. Up but once during the night, but once is enough to put it in doubt.

Awake fifteen minutes before the alarm, getting up and out the door in good order to breakfast. Felt fine, although I took another dose of the pain meds when I got home. I'm thinking maybe there's been a change in how I'm resting my head on the pillow that's been putting pressure on the sinus area while I'm asleep as I've awakened these last several mornings with a sinus-upper palate ache. Goes away soon enough. Tones down, anyway. Not sure if it gets better through time passing or the extra meds.

Listened to Democracy Now on the radio in bed before catching a bus downtown to pick up those two prescriptions, both of them ready this time, over to the City Center for coffee and a bun. A good bun, good coffee I always dilute with hot water and add sugar. This is the only place I drink coffee with sugar, not sure why. No complaints. Sugar, after all, is our friend.

Back now to start writing here and then, I'm thinking, a walk over to the construction site with a camera mounted with a much longer lens. If I'm going to shoot this thing from here on out I need to get closer. Showing their progress through added bricks and mortar and cement is all well and good, but I'm into people and people's faces and, in using say the 80-400mm, that's what you'll get. Not something to use at a parade forming up or a street festival, overkill for them, but when the distances are greater, more mm won't hurt.

He rambled.

He said.

Later. I noted a fair number of people working up on top of the apartment structure when I passed it by earlier on the bus, but evidently they'd finished up whatever they'd been working on and there were only a few people left in the early afternoon when I got back. That or they were all off somewhere to lunch. One or two pictures. No complaints.

Now for guitar (he said), rearrange the practice area and set up the laptop properly so I can play along with the song. That is the idea, is it not? When you play, to play along with a song?

Evening. Something really horrible on television that I can't admit I watched. If I were quite a bit younger and still kidding myself I might become a writer, I could write it off to research. Nothing like a really disjointed, doesn't work, piece of junk to show you structure and in how many ways things can go wrong. But I'm not and still I watched.

To bed then well before nine to watch something better on the tablet. Maybe with Amazon and Netflix now duking it out in this market that the offerings are getting better. Of course, never having had cable, I'm unfamiliar with most everything that's being offered with some exceptions such as The Wire, Deadwood and a few others.

Lights out at ten.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the Oakland Chinatown StreetFest with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.