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August 29, 2014

For The Better

Friday. Lights out at ten, up once during the night sleeping in another thirty minutes after turning off the alarm. Fed the meter for half an hour when I got to the morning café, a small price to pay for the extra rest.

Otherwise fine, another overcast morning, not sure how long it's supposed to last. They say it will be in the seventies later, so the sun will eventually appear.

Babble, babble.

Indeed. Still, the end of the week: a long weekend ahead. Anything other than the local Pride Parade and Festival this Sunday? Something else to photograph?

Later. A walk over to the construction site to see what I could see, taking a long lens again. Overcast, a little dark, the second floor a somewhat orderly tangle of hoses that will hold what when covered with cement? Water? Wires? I suspect there's more than a little effort required to just keep track.

Later. Some work putting together a compilation of the construction site pictures, the earlier ones not all that visually inspiring, the later ones, well, the later ones at least having more of them to choose from. I'd say we'll finish these out over the long weekend, but with the gay parade and festival to shoot and process on Sunday and now something I find may be happening worth shooting on Monday, well, I suspect it will take longer.

A walk over to the ATM on Lakeshore dragging my heels, seemed a longer walk to an area that wasn't of much interest at the moment, but a walk none the less to hit the ATM and then have a mixed yogurt fruit thing and coffee at the bagel shop (there was an outside table available) followed by ice cream at the ice cream shop. A single scoop in a sugar cone. Felt better.

Back to the apartment to at least tune up the guitar (takes all of a minute) and then run through scales. More work on the pictures before lying down and finishing out the first season of Justified, a series I've been watching on the tablet. More seasons to follow. Not bad.

I notice for the first time it's based on three works by Elmore Leonard and Leonard is listed as taking part in the production. The dialog is good, some of the things that bugged me about it were addressed as the story line developed and increasing my appreciation. I don't mind bug-shit character behavior as long as the narrative shows it understands it's bug-shit behavior.

You might be a little more specific if you want people to understand what you mean, exactly, or they'll attribute it to your own “bug-shit behavior”.

When one or more of the main characters acts the idiot, I like to see the story line is aware he or she is acting the idiot and includes that understanding in the evolution of the action and the narrative.

Still no cigar.

Evening. Watched New Tricks and Midsomer Murders again (so it must be a Friday night). I find I'm not able to unscramble some of the characters’ accents without the volume turned up somewhat higher and so I follow along, but with less comprehension. Doesn't seem to matter. Time with the guitar as I was watching, but not enough, not enough. We are obviously worried about our guitar practice.

To bed before ten, lights out, no more tablet. Keep the tablet quiet before bed, see if sleep can't work out for the better.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt this week with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.