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December 27, 2010

As They Will

Monday. To bed on the train early, up around seven. Hard to say what kind of a night's sleep I might have gotten, but it seems alright. Waltzing the baggage around isn't much fun, but the waltzing doesn't last very long - from the train to the cab, from the cab to the apartment - so no reason to complain. Home at nine-thirty, to breakfast at my morning café with the Chronicle and the Times, the Tribune not in evidence. I wasn't expecting any of them today, thinking for a while there I was out of town until tomorrow, but there they were and there I was on my way to breakfast.

The fog has cleared and the sun is shining. Which is nice. Portland is a wonderful place except for the rain. But you know that, if only because I've repeated myself now a hundred times. Still, nice to be home.

Later. A nap listening to the radio, feel a bit better. The sun is still playing hide and seek, but they're saying more cloudy-rain conditions over the next couple of days before it clears up. We're good with that. Given the choices. I have the heat on in the apartment, feels good, but it's unusual to have the heat going even during the winter. Still, what is there to say? The day goes well, I'm feeling rested and the day is coming to a comfortable close. Now if I only had a few more pictures in the hopper I'd be fine.

Later still. A couple of Netflix DVD's had arrived that turned out to be the Joe Bonamassa: Live From the Royal Albert Hall concert that's playing now in the background. A young guy in his early thirties that picked up a guitar at the age of four or five and didn't put it down. I wrote a character into a book like that. Wish I'd developed him further. We're coming on six, feeling like eight, dark outside, warm inside. A run to Safeway for sandwich makings and cheese, crackers and sake. We'll hold off on completely offing the cheese and crackers at one sitting tonight, but we'll deal with the sake. Two of the small bottles, nice, no room for trouble.

So, a Monday, a beginning of a week, the week after Christmas. Take it slowly, take it easy, let the days deploy as they will.

The photograph was taken for who knows what reason at the morning Starbucks in Portland with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.