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December 28, 2010

Yes We Will

Tuesday. A good start, I'd say. My two glasses of sake last night would probably have been better if they'd been one, the second didn't add any upside to the buzz, but any and all effects are gone with the dawn. Well, “gone with the dawn”, a little much. Breakfast at the usual place, home now at eight having filled the car with gas. It doesn't get very good mileage, my car, running it on innumerable little half mile trips to breakfast. Doesn't really get up to temperature when you take it but a half mile to here, a half mile to there, but no complaints.

The attitude is good, they're saying rain and cold until Saturday, but it's winter after all, we're due for a few months of this. No nostalgia for what they're getting on the east coast. Lived there for a number of years, don't regret it, but wouldn't want to go back. The things that draw a younger man or woman aren't there when you're older. An old friend or two are still around, good, but otherwise another planet. Not unlike the planets you can find by crossing the various bridges around here.

Listening to the radio at the moment, thinking of getting out for the walk before the sky gets more ominous. Haven't gotten in my walk now in a while. Played the guitar yesterday, my Strat seems lighter, the strings lighter than my brother-in-laws 70's solid wood body Strat. Good, I guess. We'll do our chords today and the rest of the week, work on getting from one to the other without too much mishap. Not a bad description of my playing: “too much mishap”.

Later. A bus downtown to pick up two needed vitamins that I'd run out of over the Christmas holidays, then a walk down the way to pick up a bus sticker for next month, a walk then around Broadway onto Grand before hopping a bus. One lone picture through the bar window next to Bakesale Betty's giving me a picture to run up top today. I need to think about that, maybe experiment with some self portraits later this afternoon. Something to get the picture production going again as we enter 2011.

Later still. A call from Mr. E suggesting we're all getting together at Max's for lunch, was I up for the journey? Well, yes. A bus ride downtown to the City Center (and Max's), a shrimp cocktail and an iced tea with some of the usual crew, a drive then over to The Chop House (we'd heard it was an OK place) for a draft and then back home now before four in the afternoon. Tuesday! Such energy! Such excitement!

Now, now.

A good afternoon, home now listening to the news and tuning up the guitar. We'll do those chords. Yes we will.

The photograph was taken this morning through a bar window on my walk home from downtown Oakland with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.