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December 29, 2010

Time I've Asked

Wednesday. Lots of wind and rain last night, but up this morning at a quarter before six with the streets relatively dry and now, back from breakfast, the sun rising into a clear sky. I think they're saying another storm front later, but then we're to have a decent weekend starting late tomorrow. Or whenever. Whatever. The morning is good, a day for a walk, a day for, well something. My forever well, something.

No thoughts of New Year resolutions for the coming year. Hold the course on a couple of things, maybe stick my nose out more often, but don't beat myself up about any of it; keep the diet in some sort of balance, not so many eggs, more vegetables, the usual crap you hear and read everywhere but never manage to follow; get more sleep. That stuff. Good stuff, no doubt.

Lost the cigarettes some thirty-five years ago, lost the weight some year ago now, took me two years and a bit of bother, but it happened. It worked. I have some pictures to frame, the framing supplies were added to yesterday when one of the discount framing suppliers had a twenty-five percent off their metal frames sale; I have two prints to make and send to someone in Mississippi who seems to like them and puts up with my procrastination.

Play guitar next year as I've played it this last, going through the scales and chord changes like a good little picker. This next year will be a good one for guitar if I continue as I've managed so far. Nothing too strenuous, just, you know, do it every day, make progress. (Hup!) Whatever else it is I've done or do in this life, not always easy to know exactly what they are here on the inside, go with them, keep it honest; try one or two things I haven't tried in the past. While there's still time. Here in Oakland. Or wherever.

You're stuck in another death spiral here.

Easy to do. Let the mind wander while the fingers keep on typing, suddenly we're all maudlin and such when otherwise we're really feeling pretty good. Maudlin sells soap though, even when soap isn't the product we're pushing.

And what product are we pushing?

If I knew that I wouldn't be messing with the journal.

Later. A bit of a nap after getting up so early. I like early because it gets the day going - wham! bam! - out the door, breakfast and the papers over before you know it, time to accomplish something (such as a nap) in the mornings before noon and the day is well under way. Now if I could but get to bed early enough, get to sleep early enough - not the same thing as just getting into bed - and all would be well. But I digress.

A walk out the door and down the way under scattered clouds, the sun coming through when a cloud cleared out of its way, but cold and breezy too, so I turned right around and here I am back in the apartment thinking a nap. Which I think I'll now go and get.

Later still. We'll sleep in tomorrow without an alarm. I've just had another nap, this time over an hour, best to do all this sleeping in just one go. Get to bed by ten, get up whenever. Why so much sleep? Ah, right. Not the first time I've asked.

The photograph was taken by my father a long time ago on Kodachrome with something other than a Nikon, which didn't exist back then.