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December 17, 2013

He Doesn't Read
Tuesday. And so we watched Scott & Bailey last night and then went right to bed. And seem to have gotten to sleep to awaken before the alarm to get up and head off to breakfast feeling just fine, thank you.

What else to say? Sunny with clear skies (they're saying) so maybe we'll get out for a walk before the guitar lesson and take a picture or two (as opposed to taking the one or two non-thinking snapshots). Well, as opposed to taking less than serious photographs. Let us not malign snapshots. Some of my best pictures are snapshots.

Later. A bus downtown in a long sleeved shirt, sweater and light jacket. Felt fine, warm enough without being overly warm. Success if you measure such things and indeed I do when I'm out walking (or on a bus).

Off at Latham Square to duck into the Rotunda building and have a small mocha coffee and a raspberry shortcake cookie, usually a no miss combination, although I've often wondered about the mocha coffee and its possible effects on the chemical balance in the head. We'll see soon enough. At our guitar lesson? I hope not. I do.

Fine, enough, a bus back, no desire to spend another thirty minutes exploring the City Center or walking over to the pharmacy before the next bus was due. We we'd done fine, nothing more we could think to find, so back through Latham Square to catch the return bus in a round trip out and back that ended up lasting less than an hour.

Back now, the sun higher and warmer, the guitar lesson coming up now in another two hours. Just time enough time for a short practice following a short nap! Pressure fitting all this together on a Tuesday afternoon in December, but we can manage.

Later still. The new guitar, when played by my music teacher, sounds much better than when I play it, but this is to be expected. The lesson itself, well, it went OK. One or two screw-ups by me in what it was I was supposed to be practicing, but we made it through. You practice enough, even if it's not quite the right lesson, will get you through if only by brute force. If that sounds opaque it is.

What's that about?

Just some embarrassing obfuscation to protect the ego. I did take a nap before heading to the lesson, but it lasted for well over an hour and so I had no time for a quick once over practice session. Doesn't matter, not sure it helps, not even sure it's a good idea. Still, clear headed to the lesson and back deciding not to go by the supermarket on the way home. Maybe tomorrow. We're out of most everything.

Some time spent watching another series on Netflix, some time spent rearranging the guitar area in the living room, now to check what's on television. A walk to the 7-11 look-alike for ice cream and cashews for dinner. I know, even I'm cringing. We'll go by a proper store tomorrow.

Evening. And so it goes, another evening without anything on television (not sure if this isn't the better outcome, causing me to fall back into things better for one's health and sanity) and so early to bed to thumb through and read recent magazine articles. I get a lot of magazines for one who claims he doesn't read. Diddle-dee-deed.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.