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December 18, 2013

Drawing Room
Wednesday. A good start to the day. Up with the alarm, off to breakfast and back, clear headed enough to cringe when I read and then still posted yesterday's entry. I suspect the only way you get enmeshed in an experiment/rut like this is when you don't care about whether it's comprehensible. Not sure why that is but the amount of time it takes to accomplish anything that takes years means you can't apply standards such as “does it make sense”?

You're rationalizing. Get over it. You either put in more time to make it right by your lights or you shut up.


Later. And so a walk over by the lake, the sun peeking through the clouds, on to the Lakeshore bank and the greeting card shop to take care of one of my remaining holiday obligations. Nice to have holiday obligations.

Started out in sweater and light jacket, found it too warm for the sweater as I was returning, so the timing worked out. Nice sunny day, people about, but also homeless people about in what looked to be greater numbers. Sobering thoughts about luck and fate. We are all, at whatever age, subject to luck and fate. Maybe something more this year for a local shelter.

The sinuses seem to be reacting to the cold and changes in temperature. I had coffee and another yogurt cup at an outside table at the bagel shop more for access to the paper napkins to clear the nose and sinuses than food or coffee. Life in the sinus lane. Remembering those I passed by on the street we are not complaining.

I mentioned rearranging the guitar area in the living room (I guess it's more a hobby center/work shop than a living room), moving the laptop so it can be more easily accessed to play the current song assigned for the lesson through the Amazing Slow Downer software. Something I know I should have done years ago. But it's done and I suspect it will make a difference.

Perhaps this is a sign you are finally coming around. Perhaps there's actual activity in your future.

One should not count too much on holiday miracles.

Later still. And so guitar, not enough, but guitar in between watching Netflix movies and old many chaptered foreign television series. Ten minutes here, ten minutes there, staying with one and then moving to another. Odd to find so many I start and then can't finish, but I'm finding this with locally released movies, so I'm the common element here and do take the blame. What I need is a viable substitute.

Evening. Nothing on television other than the news, none of it good. Things don't look hopeful until all the fund raising is done on the PBS stations and even then I'm not altogether sure their end will resolve the problem. I'm not ready for more country estates and drawing room mysteries. I am, however, ready for bed.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at Latham Square with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.