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December 19, 2013

Before Ten
Thursday. Awake before the alarm getting up without effort to shave and such before heading to breakfast, the day starting well. Which they usually do. So good.

Yesterday's entry was a problem, still is, but I spent more time than I've done in the past (feeling guilty) in hacking it together. We'll see if we can't do more of that on the day that it's being written. I really am feeling guilty. Well, embarrassed. We can do better.

Posting the entry and then looking at the web site I discovered everything was gone after December 10th and realized, finally, the move my ISP made this last week, moving everyone who was on an old web server to a new one, had screwed something up. But what? Figured out it was my FTP software pointing to the old site.

They evidently pulled the plug on the old server sometime last night and, since I'd been posting things to the old site address since the tenth instead of entering the new one into the software, everything after the tenth was missing. It was slightly more complicated than that, but the description is close enough and the fix was easy.

And so. The laundry will be done in another three minutes, it trundled right along while all this editing and then troubleshooting was going on, the day can now start. A trip downtown to clear the head perhaps? I have minor things to do at a time when minor is usually enough to get me on a bus.

Later. Hang and fold the laundry, make the bed, out the door to do what? Did I want to go downtown? A walk across to the lake to think about this, one or two pictures as I was thinking. Back to the bus. It was running late and the longer I had to wait, the closer I was to convincing myself to bail on the whole damned thing, finally walking back up the hill just before the downtown bus was due to arrive.

OK. A nap. Not a long nap, but I was clearly tired and close to sleep when the FedEx guy buzzed. Hmm. Up to hear him buzzing other apartments, so downstairs to find a box left at the door for one of the other tenants. Still, we were up and so back to get the jacket and head out again. Not hungry, didn't want to go downtown (there are times when the downtown seems both dark and uninviting) and so walked to the morning café in time for a sandwich and a lemonade.

Home now. Guitar. Play along with the music on the laptop. Get this one right. Green Onions on the beat; Imagine as it was written. Hup! We can do this. It's four in the afternoon, we'll fold up the socks later and the day will be successfully done.

You still need to read that living will and trust thing they sent you yesterday.

Ah, right. All ninety nine pages of it. Later. It' still light.

Evening. Zip until Elementary at ten and I don't really like the idea of staying up late to watch it when I can watch it tomorrow on the CBS web site. So we'll see. Time spent on the guitar playing along with the two songs. Probably not enough, if enough is defined in terms of a good student's time as opposed to slacker time, but the evening is young, the guitars are sitting on their stand and I have no doubt we'll do more before we crash (before ten).

The photo up top was taken of coots in the foreground along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.