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February 8, 2010

Run Them Here
Monday. Up at eight after getting to sleep at what I would guess was about midnight. To bed earlier than midnight, certainly, but it takes me a while to drift off and I'm not sure how any of the “drifting off” can be counted as sleep. Sleep is sleep, drifting off is wandering through the usual set of silly ever repeated stories in a personal fantasy world that doesn't exist, will never exist and is useful, one would guess, in introducing you to a much needed oblivion.

What does that mean?

It means I think I got eight hours sleep and I feel reasonably good in the context of what “reasonably good” means anymore here in SoleProproprietorLand. The weather people say mostly cloudy today, rain tomorrow, and it's looking pretty cloudy, I must say, now at ten-thirty in the morning. Having had the car washed yesterday I'm not keen on driving in the rain, but I would like to get out and travel a little farther afield than I've usually done and look for different pictures. We'll see. I usually find I'm out the door before noon and noon is approaching.

Later. A bus ride downtown. Well, half way downtown, getting off at Broadway and Grand. I said I wanted to do something a little different, thinking more in terms of heading for Napa, for example (how long since I've been to Napa?), than getting on a bus, as I always get on a bus, and it deserved at least getting off at a lesser used stop to walk a lesser used path. Different is different (I told myself). A picture here, a picture there, a walk the rest of the way to the City Center where I sat out at a table and drank a fruit concoction purchased at Jamba Juice, thinking it would be cold and not as acid as coffee and my stomach would appreciate the fact. Hmm. The esophageal connection to the stomach was not pleased with the cold and talked to me until I got back home and took an antacid tablet. Even then it was upset. So much for that.

Still, a walk then back cutting over to a street less traveled, a walk through the Christ the Light church area (again, but from a different direction) to note one or two of the trees planted outside Peet's were in bloom in this first week of February (I'm not sure what these things are, but February?) and took pictures, one or two I rather like. For all my ambling instead of walking, for all my this and that, to find a picture or two that I'm hopeful over is nice. Old ambling man aside.

I did run a series of prints earlier before setting out, three of them on 17" x 22" paper after stumbling across a series of photographs I'd taken last June that I realized were better than I'd first thought. I'd run them here, but they're portraits of women I've known for a long time (much younger, happily married, with children) and, although they're quite good photographs, they aren't necessarily what they'd call good photographs and might not appreciate my running them here. Nothing, you know, exotic, but, um, not necessarily ones you'd give to a client. Best to keep that in mind. So I won't. Still, nice to see a 17 x 22 print come off the printer, this series of three, maybe I'll frame them. Maybe I'll show them at a local gallery, a series of portraits. Hmm. I wonder why I said that, what I'm thinking about if I feel I can't run them here (oh dear)?

The photograph was taken at Clay near 1st Street yesterday going to Jack London Square with a Nikon D3S mounted with an 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 8 at 1/100th second, ISO 200.