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February 9, 2010

To Celebrate
Tuesday. Up after seven, another good night's sleep from the feel of it, to breakfast and then a bus downtown for a haircut. I've been letting it grow for the last couple of months and the last couple of monthly haircuts have been more of a brief trim than anything else. Instructions on how to part my hair differently (yes mam) so it doesn't look like a comb over. OK, I can do that. No need for a comb over when you don't need a comb over. It's very thick, this hair of mine, and it tends to grow straight out more like a thick bush than a head of hair. Still, we'll see how longer looks. Been some time since I've worn it long, I've probably forgotten why I decided at some point to throw up my hands and cut it short. Life and hair: the never ending cycle. As lame as any words of wisdom I can conjure here on a Tuesday morning.

Nice day, by the way. Nice morning anyway. The weather people said rain and it may well rain come the afternoon. A bright sun downtown, I should have poked around a little and not hopped a bus right after and headed home. A picture on the bus that presented itself with no warning. I took the one and then took the other. The reflection is nice, but the second without the reflection seems more powerful. I say a photograph, doesn't have to be great or anything, but a decent photograph is worth a trip in and of itself. And that's right, that's my thought at least, after I've returned, the heat turned up and I've opened the thing in PhotoShop.

Later. My, my. A pretty good head of steam this afternoon, a bus ride connecting to another bus ride over to Telegraph at the University, getting off the bus at the campus and then just wandering up and down a number of streets taking pictures primarily of store fronts that interested me. A couple of doors set in a wall, leading to where, who knows? If I saw something I was willing to back track and look at it, take a picture if it made sense.

Then a bus heading back to Oakland, but getting off in what is called the Temescal district to again wander along Telegraph looking for interesting store fronts and such. I lived not far from this district when I first moved to Oakland in the mid nineties, but it's become more gentrified since and they've opened various galleries and shops and restaurants and such and I wanted to see what they were talking about. All this added up to a long walk on a long afternoon, getting back to the apartment well after three, a bit tired, but feeling good. Oh, and the sun has remained shining throughout. Rainy day Tuesday, the weather people were saying, sounds like a tough business, this weather forecasting business. A spot of sake, perhaps. To celebrate.

The photograph was taken yesterday across the street from my morning café on Grand with a Nikon D3S mounted with an 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 2.8 at 1/320th second, ISO 200.