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February 10, 2010

Quite Marvelous
Wednesday. Another morning, up well after seven to start breakfast just after eight, home now that it's close to ten, the papers read, a waffle with a sliced banana on top, mixed fruit and a cup of coffee safely put away without mishap. That cup of coffee. It's a large root beer sized mug of coffee that they keep refilling throughout the meal. I often wave them off, but how much coffee do I drink in the mornings? Three regular cups? Four? Is that a lot? I often pass on coffee later in the afternoons as I feel a certain acid feeling in the stomach, an acid feeling brought on by my morning coffee? Does it matter? Am I spinning my wheels, as I usually spin my wheels, in even thinking about this stuff? Here in Oakland?

Still, overcast, they're saying mostly sunny today so, in this instance, I hope they're right. The sinus-head thing lets me know it's there, but otherwise the head itself is clear and the attitude reasonably good. My traipsing around Berkeley and Temescal yesterday was a good sign actually, my willingness to get out and about says a lot about how the head is weathering. I've been up and down in the past, of course, and I've written about it ad nauseam here, but who knows? I'm ready for a good going on better year than I've had recently, the clouds breaking, the days drifting into Truth, Justice and the American Way. (Yay!) Well, maybe not “The American Way”. We've had trouble with “The American Way ” now for long enough to make us suspicious. Some other way. “The Canadian Way”, maybe, at least during the Olympics.

Later. A bus downtown to wander about shooting a picture here and a picture there, sitting for a while by the fountain in the Asian Cultural Center. A shadow of yesterday's energy, but the pictures kept my interest. The photograph of the store window was observed by the manager/clerk, who was approaching me on the sidewalk as I was taking the picture, an odd look on her face as she approached and I realized she was associated with the store. Another photograph of a passageway between buildings beside the store. This seemed to settle her a bit, just another loony with a camera, no nefarious intent. I seem to like these passageways to nowhere, preferably though with people present.

Another bus back by the apartment and beyond to the ATM near the Grand Lake theater before having lunch at the morning café. I was hungry. Not enough I guess for breakfast. And I was tired for what little walking I'd done so I stood out front of the café and waited longer for a bus than it would have taken me to just walk. Low blood pressure again (where did that come from?). Such is life. Still, feels nice sitting here (with an acid feeling in the stomach, why an acid feeling after lunch, but none after breakfast?) with the afternoon ahead. What's the old joke? He beats his head against the wall because it feels so good when he stops? He walks because.... No, nothing like that. I sometimes worry myself with this crap.

Later still. Overcast but no rain. Then again, no sun. Maybe work on artandlife this afternoon, there are whole sections that need to be picked up a notch, need editing, need better pictures. I have days ahead to spend on such projects. No excuses. Much can be done.

You've been sitting here puttering around now for well over two years. What have you to show for it?

I'm sure I have many things to show for it. There's the problem with the memory though, getting older and such. I can't quite remember what exactly it is that I've done, but I'm sure it must be quite marvelous.

The photograph was taken yesterday through a gallery window on Grand near Broadway in Oakland with a Nikon D3S mounted with an 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 5.6 at 1/500th second, ISO 200.