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Here In Oakland

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February 1, 2013

Begin To Shine
Friday. To bed as said before ten, up this morning with the alarm. Another bright sunny day from the look of it, we're well on our way toward spring. There are Chinese New Year celebrations coming up this month, including one or two here in Oakland and in San Francisco this weekend. So good. We'll get this morning's guitar lesson over with by eleven and get on with the program.

Later. I muddled through the lesson, the finger picking waltz not going as well as it seemed to go in practice, but well enough, I guess. We'll go on with the second half of the song for this coming week, one or two of the finger stretches required intimidating inspiring (if you consider pain to be your friend). Yes.

On to pick up a wedding card for my waitress at the morning café to bring to breakfast tomorrow, home now thinking of heading out for the downtown to pick up a prescription and run some errands. Quite a day for action (he said with a straight face). Well, OK, maybe my face was lying stretching the limits of straight faced beyond cognition.

Later still. A trip downtown, getting off at the last stop opposite Washington Street to walk through the 9th Street farmers market, heading over to the Asian Cultural Center for an ice cream cone and then on to a small corner bakery for a thin slice of strawberry cheesecake. Seemed like the thing to do.

The prescription wasn't ready, but I picked up some other needed refills and then headed up Broadway to the ATM, then on to Grand to wait on the bus. Enough. A bit tired, we'll take care of the prescription refill tomorrow and figure out the rest of this day after a nap.

Evening. Off to the burger drive in to take home a chicken sandwich, some slight MSG-like symptoms cropping up about an hour later. I suspect there's something in the seasonings, the symptoms quite light and going away after some thirty minutes, a soft thirty minutes, but I guess we'll stick with their steak sandwich from here on out. Dear, oh, dear. Maybe make my own chicken sandwiches, use something other than the microwave, a sobering conception.

Another Wallander at six that I've seen before, quite recently actually (within the last few weeks?), so we'll skip it, listen to the tail end of Democracy Now, maybe take a look at Netflix, the business sections of the newspapers talking about a new thirteen chapter, never before seen on television drama they're releasing today. A new attempt to find a better way to lure an audience in the Internet Age. Then again, knowing me, maybe I won't. Mumble.

You seem to be mumbling.

Mumbling and grumbling: a bad combination. Probably still some slight after effects of the chicken sandwich. I did restring the guitar, did run through the new lesson, but I'm now thinking to hell with it, we'll get to bed early unless the head becomes clearer and the stars begin to shine.

The photo up top was taken while crossing Broadway on the way to the Asian Cultural Center this late morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.