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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 2, 2013

Brush The Teeth
Saturday. To bed well before ten, although I'm never sure if I drifted off relatively quickly or if I kept coming awake in a kind of twilight sleep before getting down to business, in any case up with the alarm to head off and back from breakfast, realizing, as I entered the café, I'd forgotten to bring a camera. Not the first time, it doesn't happen often, hasn't happened at all, though, until recently.


Well, who knows? Yes, the gas prices had gone up another eight cents, we'll wander back with a camera before the day is over to document that, but how often is this going to happen? I've not forgotten it when I've been heading out for other reasons or, if I have, I remembered quickly enough and returned to get it at the apartment. Hard to take a walk, theoretically to take pictures, without bringing along a camera.

Still, no sweat, as long as it doesn't become endemic. I may just tape a sticky note to the inside of the front door with CAMERA!!! written on it, just as I'm now using the little plastic containers designed for prescription pills, no way to forget whether you've taken them this day or not.

The mornings pills haven't been difficult to remember, the first thing I do in the morning when I enter the kitchen, but I take another three pills at two in the afternoon followed by two more in the early evening. These later ones I've discovered are now easier to forget. In this day and age, anyway, in this day at my age. In Oakland.

Later. More just feeling antsy than anything else, so a walk to the farmers market and then on to take the gas price pictures above before heading straight back, walking through the market, yes, but not seeing anything that struck me for a photograph. The usual being lazy, really, more than anything else.

It's grey and overcast, the sun is just starting to burn a hole in the cloud cover now that it's ten. We'll head out later to see what they're up to at the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar, maybe take two cameras and do a proper shoot. I've been dry for these last couple of months, dry, but far from discouraged. I'm more slow of head than discouraged.

What does that mean?

I'm upbeat but I don't look it.

Later still. A bus downtown to pick up the prescription that wasn't ready yesterday and then a walk on to the Asian Cultural Center to take a look at the Lunar New Year Bazaar with a single camera in tow, taking too few pictures and then heading home. We'll think about what we shot and maybe return later in the afternoon. I'm thinking of bringing a single camera with the older 120mm lens, a lens I used much more often back in the days of film. Shake up the head a bit and see what comes through the shutter. We can make up for any mistakes taken today by returning and continuing the shooting tomorrow.

On Superbowl Sunday?

Ah, yes. Well, we'll find a way to shoot around it. Probably not a lot of people will be attending the bazaar during the game, although I'm sure Asian-Americans are every bit as addicted afflicted.

Anyway, got home and then headed out again, this time to the morning café for lunch, my waitress evidently happy with the card I left with her this morning as she wouldn't take any payment and wouldn't make change so I could at least leave a tip. I've always suspected we have an odd sort of sub-rosa one upmanship ongoing and it made me wonder some time back where I fall on the controlling personality scale? A hidden little personality quirk? Moi!? I'm still not sure, you'd think it would be something you'd know after all these years.

Anyway, a walk straight back to the apartment thinking I wasn't dressed warmly enough or ready to catch a bus and head downtown again to the Lunar New Year Bazaar, so we'll just sit here and catch up on our guitar with the news droning on in the background. Life in the fast lane, you'll have to admit, I'd think it best to be sitting when you come to the turns lest the blood leave your brain and you fall over flat on your face (without a helmet).

You've had enough.

But of what, Mr. Jimmy? What?

Evening. OK, the game starts tomorrow at 3:30, plenty of time beforehand to photograph the Lunar New Year Bazaar, so I put together a few section pages using the not many photographs I took this morning. We're committed to producing another artandlife and HereInOakland section tomorrow, the New Photographic Year (Lunar or Annular) has begun! Hup!

I've seen the Commissario Brunetti at came on at six. I'm pretty sure I've seen before. Anyway, my hand hit the clicker (without my permission), to the House series playing on another (commercial) channel. I'll think about that while I practice. Why House? Seems suspicious. But then again, why suspicious? Are we learning things that make us uncomfortable?

I've been playing along on the guitar, but intermittently, and I'm not sure how much of any given hour during which I've been playing has been spent on the guitar or spent watching programs. Which also makes me suspicious. Am I kidding myself? Am I getting in less time than I believe? Than I say? Hey? Put another sticky note up, but this time on the guitar? On the television? TIME!!! Might work. Might not. A first step into a sticky note existence?

To bed when House is finished at ten. I will. Not a minute later, except for the four minutes it takes to brush the teeth.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar leaving the Asian Cultural Center this late morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.