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February 3, 2013

Designed To Treat
Sunday. To bed at ten (if you don't count the four minutes to brush the teeth), up at six-thirty. Awake at six-thirty. What? Am I getting a cold? The flu? The chest a bit congested, not a lot, not enough to be sure, and the sinuses unusually active, the nose running. Well, these things tell you of their arrival soon enough.

To breakfast and back, the ladies still excited about Ms. W's marriage Thursday, smiles all around. The head feeling somewhat better, the nose still unpleasant, no need to dither and possibly spread the good luck around. We'll take a nap now that we're home and see how things look (on this sunny day) later. I do want those pictures (I tell myself I want those pictures) to finish another section for the web sites, get the season in gear, but we'll see.

Later. About an hour or so lying down, up with the sinuses rumbling and aching, so another one of the little pain pills to see if that helps. The lungs? Better, almost all better, but you never know, the very fact I'm aware of them is not a good sign. But we're heading out in another half hour to the Lunar New Year Bazaar, sneak in the photo session before whatever it is decides to strike. If you're going to feel bad, feel bad with pictures in the pocket.

Later still. I did take a bus to the Bazaar and I did walk around a number of times searching out photographs, but found the pickings pretty slim for candid portraits. Felt a little better for being out, but finally realized I was going to fall way short of a section (21 photographs), so I headed back to the apartment.

But what the hell, I have an appointment in the morning with the pulmonary doctor, a checkup to see how the allergies are coming along and I'm sure he'll be happy to have a sick patient show up and bring down his entire office, doctor included. But we'll see, I'm whinging here - yes - feel I'm on the edge of something, but still feel like a human being and ready for a nap before turning on the game.

Evening. The sinuses are aching in their usual way, nothing about it that would necessarily relate to a cold, although it's a bit over the top, but I'm guessing it's combined with a slight fever and some of the aching eyes and such have to do with that. Diddle-dee-dat. Will it be worse tomorrow? Oh, probably, but we'll get along as far as we can get along this evening and not worry about it.

The game seems to be self destructing, so we can see what's playing in the way of police procedurals at six. Another Finnish Vares (which I may, in the past, have been thinking was Swedish) so we'll watch that, checking the game now and again to see if it continues to look as bad as it now looks.

The Vares was marginal, the 49'ers seem to have come back within striking distance, but with but one play left in the game, well, we'll see. Probably not altogether useful to mention socially I've not had my eyes glued to the screen, but I did the same thing the last playoff game and they won. I figure I'll say I didn't watch because I didn't want to change behavior and put in the jinx. Ah, game over, they're done.

To bed at eight, maybe, take another two of the little pain meds, the first time I've taken what they say is the maximum recommended daily dose. Hope it works with headaches better than it does with the other stuff it's designed to treat.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar leaving the Asian Cultural Center this late morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.